Apprentice: Episode 1 - Women Fail

The Apprentice is back. This year it's back to the "regular" people. Specifically people who have lost their jobs in the recession. I already find them obnoxious. At the beginning of the show when all the contestants go in to the boardroom and sit down, all the women sit in the chairs and then all the men stand behind them. Uhm...if these women are on equal ground...shouldn't SOME of them WANT to stand like the men? Or is this because they only love to use their femininity when it's advantageous? Whoa is me I’m a woman…so frail…lift that couch. I found it funny.

OH and not to mention the men's lack of idea of what the TIE is used for. Matching is important. Candy cane ties are good for children, not grown men. The men’s project manager wore something a five year old would lick and stick to the couch with a giggle.

So they come up with their names. Men said Phoenix first and then Icarus. Icarus reminds people of failure, they could have flipped it in a fantastical way showing that he failed yet he got the courage to try again and again. But the men settled on the boring and over macho Octane. Might as well grease the letters with testosterone and call it a day.

Next was the women who used the almighty thesaurus. They should have found something awesome….and yet they didn’t. Phoenix is a name that they came up with, also, and then a bunch of boring names afterward until they settled on the boringnest of all: Fortitude. Which, by the way, sounds like 4 to 2 or fart on you. It’s a terrible name. Bleh. This goes hand in hand with their boring work that’s tied to their horror screaming when they don’t get their way.

And just like Survivor these people (and mainly the women who were not the project manger) don't understand the meaning of leadership. Leaders are not your micro-managers. You shouldn’t have to be told when to breathe. These women act like they LOVE to be told when to pee, breathe and talk. Maybe someone should tell them when to have their period and that it shouldn’t be a 24/7 thing, cause I think some of them forgot it’s only supposed to be ONCE a month.

The man that has five kids and whining about doing unemployment needs to SUCK IT UP. He is far too prideful. I want him to do good for his kids, but as a person he’s not at all likeable. He’s not worthy of pulling for if he can’t act like a human and do the job that’s in front of him no matter if it’s picking up dog doo-doo. Because you are NOT doing this for yourself. You are doing this for your kids. Remember that you moron. Next time Mr. Trump should get homeless people off the street and clean them up and give them a chance to win a job with him. As far as I’m concerned they would appreciate what they’ve been offered with Trump…not whining about cleaning windows and picking trees.

“Let me finish….” needs to SHUT UP! She provided ample proof that district attorneys are loud and obnoxious and STUPID. Totally countering the foundation of “Law & Order”. You read that right. YOU are a stupid woman and you held hands with the other stupid woman. That’s right…stupid holds stupid. And I don’t feel like using a thesaurus because you’re both stupid and that’s as good as it’s going to get. Okay, stupid? Okay. Oh and JUSTICE ain’t something you care about, honey. Because if you cared about justice you’d actually be humble enough to do manual labor. Oh no, she can’t be breakin’ a nail. I scrubbed and cleaned the window. You scrubbed and cleaned the window because you were not smart enough to understand what chemical you’re supposed to use to clean it to a sparkle. That’s no one’s fault but your own ignorance. Who birthed you? No parent could be proud of that. For the love of reality chop off your faux penis and be a real woman.

Maybe these women were not laid off because of cutbacks, but were laid off for being gossipy winches. When they were the boardroom they turn on one like sharks smelling blood. That’s not how men do business. That’s not how men operate. Women don’t want to be like men in the workforce, they want to be like second rate animals. It’s pathetic. I wouldn’t hire ANY of those women in any business…ever. The one that was doing design work couldn’t even design herself out of being trite, boring and wrinkly. I don’t think I could count one time she smiled in that entire show that was actually a real smile and not something done sarcastically or condescendingly.

At least Donald Trump is going to give Nichole, the girl that got fired, an opportunity to interview with someone. I believe that’s nice. She’s the only woman I’d work with or for, because she was not only respectful, but someone that could get the job done without lying and cheating.

My guess is that NONE of these women will get a chance at the job. They are all terrible human beings and couldn’t possibly last to the final four. Not as they are right now.

One would think that losing a job would be humbling, but not if they see these people. If pot was pride 95% of them are high. They’re not realizing that they’re not high on self confidence, they’re high on self importance. If you want the job, you’ll do whatever you’re asked to do and you will do it to the best of your ability. Don’t BS the American public with whoa is me I’m better than this. NO. YOU. ARE. NOT. No one is better than someone that works hard at McDonald’s just because they are a high power attorney. The only thing you can be better than is how someone might be treating you. You are not better than a hardworking job…ever. This mentality that those that make six figures are better and harder workers than those that make a $1 a day is a joke. Whiny D.A. couldn’t even clean the windows for a few hours without complaining about how hard it was. But guess what? She made more money than any window washer, but just proved that she’s not as hard a worker as she thought. A hard worker works without complaining about the difficulty of the task. She failed.

I’m FIRED up. It boils my blood that there are people like these women. Why do they exist? Guess it has to do with not getting any, I’m pretty sure it has to do with that. All that built up tension can’t be released when one spends so much time alone because ain’t a single person with a brain or sanity wants to spend one second with someone like them.

I can’t wait for next Thursday’s episode. =D

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