Apprentice Episode Two: Emotional Madder and the Blond Freakaziod

The two women that thought they did good by getting a better woman than them fired for problems they both caused, I’ve decide to call them Thing One (the older wrinkly mean witch) and Thing Two (the loud mouth young fake fighter for justice witch), respectfully. Thing One decided to “sing” ding dong the witch is dead. HAHAHA…she’s such an idiot. She must have no money for a mirror because she’s the epitome of a witch with a bee stinger. Look at that face, it cackles from the cracks.

It was time for the women to pick their NEW leader. And who stood up to be project manager? Thing One? Thing Two? No, because they don’t have the ovaries to put their fake Prada shoes into such a position. They haven’t damaged everyone else enough to make it further. Soon Trump will ask why have they haven’t stepped up. They’re so vocal on how to do the right thing and yet they don’t want to be the leader? What’s up with that?

The men’s team had the Madder (the dad of five--those five children should be so embarrassed and his ex is saying…OMG see what I had to put up with. Watching every single episode, it’s only been two, I think she was right to run away.) who decided he’ll take the leadership role. At least he stood up to take what he thought he could do well at. Not that he did, they lost. They didn’t lose by much, but the women made it seem like they were David (who they’re not as good as) beating Goliath.

There are so many dominant women on this team, but one stood out this episode and who was that? Blond Freakaziod (not the PM) dictates what people should do because she‘s been in sales. Why isn’t she PM? She’s a moron. Where were your ovaries when they asked who wanted to be PM? You must have been sucking on them to regain that womanhood you loose when you start dictating like some gender confused Hitler. There is a right way to motivate people and a wrong way. Every second she could choose the wrong way, she did.

How can someone have all these ideas but not be PM? So many idiots. I just wanted her to SHUT UP about Poppy (who won‘t get a nickname, since her first name fits). These women are all about the Ooh I can’t get into trouble in the boardroom because I’m awesome. DO THE JOB. Stop acting like you’ve already failed. You haven’t even finished the job and you’re thinking about how you’re going to side step coming back into the boardroom, because you’re afraid of being the loser you know you are. Come on. All Blond Freakaziod talked about was how she’s awesome and her ideas are great and Poppy best not bring her back in the boardroom. The ghetto just popped out of her in that comment. I didn’t even know she was raised in one. I’m gonna roll her like a joint and stomp her like a used hair product. What?

Five Dollars for ice cream? Hell no. Two dollars would have been better. They would have sold so much more. The women won, but I don’t think it was because of the $5 price. I think it was ultimately because of traffic. Not even their stupid tactic of giving away free ice cream made them sell more. They could have creamed the men if they actually knew what they were doing. Winning by (I believe it was) $200 dollars isn’t a lot. That’s like 40 more ice creams. Wow…so much. It’s a recession. They lost their job in a what? Oh a recession and they’re selling ice cream at $5 a pop? As if they’d buy what they were selling. It’s like they don’t even get why they don’t have a job.

The women show up late every single day they’re to sell ice cream and they had the nerve to claim a spot as theirs. They got all mad when the men were their first. Uh…first come first serve. Early bird catches the worm? These women are so entitled to everything, like they shouldn’t have to work hard to get anything. What is up with that? It’s NOT YOUR SPOT. You don’t own spots. I’d say ma’am but that would entail some form of wisdom that none of them have. Then they state that the men are low? You decided to come up on their spot and whine about how their sale tactics change? How are they even in the business world? What favors did they perform to get their previous jobs? It baffles me that they’re even considered professionals.

In the boardroom before the teams are told who lost the women go into who is the weakest. They pick the African “Princess” (said with sarcasm and massive air quotes). African “Princess” has issue with how she’s treated on being the weakest, but she had no problem when the weakest was someone else…oh say last week when she jumped on the bandwagon to brand someone who got fired. Hypocritical. There has to be a weak person and if you’re the weak person of the task, suck it up and respond with actual thinking. She didn’t. She just shot back with how terrible a PM Poppy was. Oops, the rest didn’t agree, or the rest was smart enough not to jump on that one because they learned that until they find out they’ve lost they shouldn’t say the PM is bad.

Trump talked about how it’s important to sell yourself when the Subdued Lawyer guy talked about how he doesn’t do sales well. That’s so right. It’s one of the few times I really, really agree with Trump. He said that he knows of people that are great singers, but they suck on selling themselves. I think I like it so much because I have to do that in about two weeks: sale my brand. Whether or not I’m good at it isn’t an excuse. I have to be good at it if I want to be a published writer.

The Subdued Lawyer got to stay because of his idea of costumes and locations. Alex didn’t do much but do as he was told. That’s good, but if you have ideas you have to express them and fight for them. If you sit by and wait to be asked, you don’t deserve to be there.

I like how the men attack…so analytical. That is unless the Madder attacks and then it’s pride hurt from a previous week. He harbors resentment. Another shocker as to why his wife left him. How could she have left such a great reasonable guy? Ha. Women whine about someone’s boob size and then act like they attacked their terrible business sense. Sucks the men lost, but they sold the least and the one that sold the least got fired…Alex. But the worst man is better than the best woman on this show. This is totally shown when the women sit and watch the men in the boardroom. They only show a fraction of what they said while sitting there, meaning that fraction was a part of a whole lot of dysfunction that makes up the women’s team. African “Princess” calls Poppy what she her self is acting like a big B. What does Poppy say? They cut after that. Whatever she said or didn’t say doesn’t matter. The fact that a woman feels the need to call another woman that shows issues. Don’t use that word if you don’t like being called that yourself. It’s drenched in hypocritical thinking.

It’s awesome to know that Alex got a job as a manger in a construction company. I like knowing that they get a chance at a job even though Trump fires them.

In Survivor this week the Young tribe is cannibalizing itself. They lost. Women are doing the exact same thing. The preview for next week shows that it continues. The men? They’re only problem is the Madder who is emotionally retarded. He doesn’t listen to what others tell him to do. HELLO, hello this is like a resume for a job that you want and you want your crazed emotional issues to spring up as a reason to hire you? How can his children be proud of that? Then African “Princess” has to act high and mighty and cause a bigger problem than Thing One and Thing Two and that’s saying a whole lot.

I swear Apprentice is where Survivor rejects go. On the Apprentice they have food, water, shelter and they sleep in great beds and they’re still acting like they have a bug up their butt. On Survivor they have bugs up their butt and they don’t act as terrible as these people on Apprentice. It would be awesome to see Russell (from Survivor) on Apprentice. I think he’d win that.

I use to want the men to win, but now I don’t care. Both teams have a lot of pruning to do, because they can both lose a few crazies and crappy people. Can’t wait for next week.

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