Amazing Race 17 Episode One - 11 Teams - Watermelon Explosion

There’s a new thing that all the racers wanted this first leg. It’s called an Express Pass. It allows the team that uses it to skip a task and get their next clue. So everyone wants that sucker.

There are four women teams. I have watched Amazing Race for most of the seasons (I think I’ve missed the first five) and I have never seen this many women teams. Apparently they really want a women team to win, because a women team has NEVER won the Amazing Race. Couples have won and men teams have won, but never two women. It tends to be the strength that they can’t muster to win.

But this season I think the Doctor Team will be a real push for the first women team to win. They are strong, they didn’t get mad at one another, they are not out to be winches and they took on the strength aspects of this first leg head on…speaking of head on another women team used their head in a very unusual way…and I felt a pinch of guilt for laughing at it. The Doctor Team came in second. That was great sign. I have high hopes for them.

If I’m not mistaken the teams that made it on the first flight (three teams) they didn’t keep the leads they had. Especially the team that made it on the plane first. Two men who were in the musical The Wiz together, Ron and Tony. They were the last to arrive. I was sad because they handled the stressful situations so well, like not seeing many teams with them and that they couldn’t find the castle easily. It sucked to watch them go.

I like watching teams that work well together or teams that progressively get over their anger. Which I hope the Jock and his Wide-Eyed girl can get control over. Actually it’s him that yells at her for things that are just lame. He’s he one that probably weighs twice as much as her and he was getting mad at her because the turtle shell like boat was sinking. It’s always the fat one, duh. Oh and not to mention they almost didn’t make the first flight because they didn’t FOLLOW THE FLAGS. They were going to wait in the “normal” person line to get their tickets, when the Race marks off areas for them to specifically get tickets with what? FLAGS. Why is it EVERY single season there are teams that are totally oblivious to the fact that the FLAGS are markers to where you’re supposed to go? Gosh, duh.

Then there’s a ditzy blond team that goes around mocking other teams…how…not different than the other seasons. There’s a Geeky Glee Guys who sing. They were the last to arrive at the airport but they ended up being one of the first five to arrive at the mat. I liked that kind of unpredictability of the race and who’ll end up where. There’s a Mom and Daughter team that never knew each other because the mom gave up the daughter for adoption and this is the first time they’ve spent an amble amount of time together. From what they show they seemed to get along pretty well, though we’ll see if that lasts. Then there’s the Tattoo Couple. They claim to be smart, but several times that didn’t shine forth. I really like them. Instead of getting totally upset over the dumb mistakes they made, they laughed and moved on.

So there is a famous Asian Team and they are father and son and the son is a YouTube sensation and he has mad his dad a web star as well. -- a sample video. They were not in this episode a lot. They’d go a long time without showing them and I was afraid they were too far behind to care about, but they came in seventh, that’s not bad. They had difficulty with the shell boat, but they calmly solved it, unlike the Jock and his Wide-Eyed girl. He got so pissed off it was funny. Not to mention they travel around the castle to find the mat to check in. Tsk, tsk silly team--follow the flags.

But not as funny as this Watermelon fling gone so wrong I had to watch it again and again and again, because it just doesn’t get old. The good thing was that she laughed about it later. It didn’t bring her down. She got back up, after a few moments, and on the second try knocked the knight armor down. Much respect for her for accomplishing that.

Not much else happened that was blog interesting. I enjoyed the first episode, but unlike the Apprentice and Survivor The Amazing Race doesn’t get nitty-gritty until a few episodes in. That’s when the stress of the race rubes some contestants so raw they turn into great TV monsters. Until next time….keep yourself Amazing…meh, I don’t have a last word for this one. I can’t wait until next time. LOVE this show. I’d so do the race with fear of being the first kicked off. It would be so much fun. These teams are so lucky!

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