We're Gonna Find YOU!

Antoine Dodson was sleeping on his sister's couch when he heard her in a struggle in the bedroom. A stupid crackhead had got into her room and tried to rape her, but because of her heroic brother the idiot jumped out the window and left his shirt and fingerprints. So they gonna find him and get him cause they know how he looks. That's right. He left so much evidence behind that there's no way they're not going to find him. And if he returns to the scene of the crime, she ain't gonna put up with that stupid crackhead again. She's gonna jack him up and so will Antoine. These two should be put in Kick-Ass 2 as a duo of sibling awesomeness.

A video of the actual news:

This is a video of Antoine being Autotuned:

This video has been played over six million times. The song has been download off of Itunes about 1,000 times.

Beware, though, that video is very catchy. You'll be singin' the "cause they're rapin' everyone around here" and "We're gonna find you, find you." ha.

You're welcome.

The wonderful song is brought to you by Auto-tune The News

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