Weekend Box Office Recap

Make no mistake, folks: this is the dregs of Summer.

It's that tired and sunburned time of the year when all the good films have already come out. (Iron Man 2 feels like it was last year at this point) and all that's left for the studios to flush into the box office are the stuff that was at the bottom of the barrel.

"The Last Exorcism" (which, of course, will not be the last exorcism) came in first place, making a modest, $21.3 million, followed closely by the stinker "Takers" which made about 300 thou less. "The Expendables" drops to third place.

It was a real race to see who was going to be the biggest loser. I was expecting that the piss-poor spoof vamp flick, "Vampires Suck" would be the front-runner, but it was upstages just slightly by the equally terrible "Piranha 3D" which fell 57.38% and dropped from 6th to 10th place.

Falling out of the list completely were Lottery Ticket and the short-lived Scott Pilgrim - This has to be one of the shortest durations for a movie to fall out of the top ten in a long time.

Here's the top ten according to studio estimates released Sunday:

1 (new) The Last Exorcism $21,300,000
2 (new) Takers  $21,000,000
3 (1) The Expendables $9,500,000
4 (3) Eat Pray Love $7,000,000
5 (5) The Other Guys $6,600,000
6 (2) Vampires Suck  $5,300,000
7 (9) Inception $5,105,000
8 (8) Nanny McPhee Returns $4,742,610
9 (7) The Switch $4,658,000
10 (6) Piranha 3D $4,308,000

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