Deleted Scene from Return of the Jedi

Here's one more reason why I never want to go to a convention like Comic-con.

This is a video capture of a deleted scene from "Return of the Jedi" that was shown at "Star Wars Celebration V." The scene was apparently cut just before the final edit of the film. The scene shows Darth Vader sending a mental message to Luke Skywalker to join the dark side. In the shot, Luke is in the desert tuning and/or finishing building his lightsaber.

And the audience who were watching this clip go ape shit when they show the lightsaber.

"It's the lightsaber! YEEEAAAAHHHH! Luke's lightsaber!! Holy shit! I can die a content human being now because I've seen 51 seconds of a movie I was probably too young to see the first time! Oh. My. GOD!!!
WOW! And its the LIGHTSABER! And he turns it ON!!!SQUEEEEEE!!!"

People, are you that fanatically delusional that you will look at any scrap of film you haven't seen 461 times before and completely lose your shit? Its a few feet of film that hit the cutting room floor. It doesnt advance the story, it doesnt add background to the character, its an un-needed cast-off of the filmmaking process and you are all treating it as if it was the second coming of Christ.

You realize you are all applauding a prop, right? A hunk of metal some union guy made out of an old camera flashtube,some lights and a few wires. And you are applauding it.

Seriously, folks. It aint that impressive.

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