Weekend Box Office Recap

"Salt" didnt quite have enough to beat "Inception" at the box office this weekend. The newcomer made $36 million to land in 2nd place, behind DeCaprio and company's $43.5 million take.

The biggest loser of the weekend appears to be "Predators" which continues to flop around like a dying fish. It fell 59.3% from its previous weekend to just barely hang in the top ten.

And "Knight and Day" and "Karate Kid" have fallen out of the list completely.

Here is the top ten according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (1) Inception $43,505,000
2 (new) Salt $36,500,000
3 (2) Despicable Me $24,120,000
4 (3) The Sorcerer's Apprentice $9,685,000
5 (5) Toy Story 3 $9,030,000
6 (new) Ramona and Beezus $8,000,000
7 (6) Grown Ups $7,600,000
8 (4) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse $7,033,000
9 (7) The Last Airbender $4,173,000
10 (8) Predators $2,850,000

1 comment:

J_Jammer said...

I saw Grown Ups and it was fun...but nothing special. As in it was just like watching a weird group of friends out having a fun time at the cabin. Not seeing an actual story. Had it not been Adam Sandler then the film wouldn't have done as good. He's name is what people bought a ticket to see more than the story.

Then again why didn't that work for Funny People? Cause it was a tad too serious.

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