Weekend Box Office Recap

Summit Entertainment's glittery, angst-filled, emo-vamp franchise continues to rake in the cash from lovestruck teen girls desperate for any shred of romance in their lives.

In the five days that the film has been in theaters, "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" has cleared $161.7 million bucks. Almost as much as what "The Last Airbender" and "Toy Story 3" did combined.

However, it's a fair guess to say that next weekends numbers should show just how overinflated front loaded those totals really are.

Meanwhile, The M. Night Shamalamadingdong directed adaptation of a Japanese cartoon surprisingly took second place in the box office race. "The Last Airbender" beat out "Toy Story 3" by $10 million. I guess a few people weren't swayed by the horrendus reviews that everyone's been giving it.  Rick Lassalle from the San Francisco Chronicle called it. "A dull, boring, poorly acted, limply written and thouroughly unappealing fantasy, featuring bland characters locked in a battle of no interest."

The rest of the box office was a race to the bottom, with "Shrek Forever After" taking the prize as the biggest loser at 74% from its previous weeks numbers, and "Prince of Persia" and "Killers" falling out of the top ten.
Here's the chart according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (new) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse $69,000,000
2 (new) The Last Airbender $40,650,000
3 (1) Toy Story 3 $30,174,000
4 (2) Grown Ups $18,500,000
5 (3) Knight and Day $10,200,000
6 (4) The Karate Kid $8,000,000
7 (5) The A-Team $3,025,000
8 (6) Get Him to the Greek $1,184,560
9 (7) Shrek Forever After $799,000
10 (20) Cyrus $770,256

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