"A Small Act"...Limitless Possibilities

What Day: Monday, July 12th
Channel: HBO
Time: 9pm ET -- Check local listings.
Directed by: Jennifer Arnold

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The Synopsis

Late at night while watching a B-movie a commercial pays about giving a small donation to help someone tiny child on the continent of Africa. That reminds me of :

…because part of the lyrics are about a commercial comes on asking for help via donation, what do you do? Change the channel? I have. Why? Because I think scam and that it won’t make a big difference.

“Small Act” is about what the above poster suggests: A single act. Limitless possibilities. A single act from Hilde Back from Sweden helped Chris Mburu survive a small Kenya town to get an education he otherwise wouldn’t been able to get without her $10 a week. He went on to go to Harvard Law School and ends up working for the United Nations as a human rights advocate. He in turn creates the Mburu’s scholarship program that could end up helping Kimani, Ruth and Caroline if they pass a nationwide achievement test that will determine their eligibility …limitless possibilities.

Mburu is correct when he says education is important, because it keeps ignorance from brewing up hate and violence. Educated persons understand that violence and anger do not solve problems, it only causes more. His act of kindness comes from the whole “Pay It Forward” mentality. Do something small and it’ll alter the life of someone down the line, who could alter another life and so forth.

I enjoy watching A&E’s “Obsessed”, “Hoarders” and “Intervention” because people do have it worse than me. In those shows they choose to get better (most of them) and seek help. I like seeing them improve their lives. It makes me smile. It’s the same feeling I got when I watched the director and Mburu speak about the film and its meaning. I got chills thinking that maybe a small act I have done created a great chain reaction. Now more Carrie Underwood:
…whatever problems I have are small compared to others who work hard to overcome problems like genocide. I have problems in my life, as does everyone else, but they cannot compare to genocide. I don’t have any -ocide problems that I can think of.

I want to see “Small Act”. Everyone needs reminders that their small acts create possibilities for greater situations. I believe “Small Act” will give many people a simple reminder that they can change lives. It shows that those commercials are not all scams and that if one picks the right one they might alter a child’s life (do research) and they in turn alter another life and so on and so forth. If I had HBO I’d hit record on my DVR and watch it later, but I don’t have HBO. But if you have it, don’t miss it. Consider this my small act.

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