Just what the world needs: a sequel to "Ghost Rider"

"Ghost Rider" was one of those comic book adaptations that was just a little too off-the-wall to be taken seriously. The character, named Johnny Blaze (no foreshadowing at all with a name like that) makes a deal with the devil and at night becomes the ghost rider, a superhero with a flaming skull for a head and a motorcycle that goes from bad-ass to ridiculously bad-ass.

In a nutshell, the movie sucked. Rotten Tomatoes pegged it at 25%. Tony Macklin called it, "a ridiculous melange of cheesy effects, talentless extras, corny plot and insipid music."

And yet, despite the consensus that it was a terrible movie, it still grossed about $237 million in the box office and about $100 million in DVD rentals. For a film that had a production budget of $120 million it can technically be seen as a success. 

Which is why, of course, they're planning a sequel.

The two guys that made the "Crank" films - Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor - are taking the helm and yes, Nicholas Cage - who at one point in his career was an Oscar-winning actor - announced on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson that he has signed on to reprise his role as the flaming skulled vengeance-seeking demon.

No word on when production will start or a release date, but its a safe bet that its probably going to be in 3D too. 

I blame the American public. For every one of you that paid to see the first movie, it is directly because of you that we are going to be subjected to another run of this nonsense.

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