Is a Big Screen Adaptation of Doctor Who In The Works With Johnny Depp?

OK, so it goes like this:

Question: Is former "Doctor Who" showrunner Russel T Davies working on a big screen adaptation of the show, with Johnny Depp tapped to be the new doctor for the film?

Answer: No, of course not. Stop being silly and get back to work.

The rumor stems from an article published originally at - a user-submitted free article publishing site. Im not trying to doubt its validity, but is not necessairly the bastion of journalistic integrity. The article has since been taken down (another sign it was bullshit) but here's an exerpt:

Long-time producer of the television series Russell T. Davies reported that the reason he moved on from the show was due to the opportunity to transform the Doctor to the big screen. “Bringing the Who franchise to the theaters is a regeneration for the character beyond the usual one. A theatrical release has a greater range and can reach millions of more people than just the fans. There will be brand new concepts and the film will be just as adventurous, scary and humorous as the television programme. But none of us working the film will forget what makes the character great and interesting and the long-time fans will not be disappointed because yes, the Daleks make an appearance.”
Interestingly enough, website chimed in about this and said that there might actually be some truth to the rumor, after all:
The grain-of-salt quotient on this idea is MASSIVE, but it’s not like Russell T. Davies hasn’t introduced huge, odd-sounding concepts to Doctor Who before. He’s also admitted in his book The Writer’s Tale to routinely lying to press about story elements.

So it was with even greater surprise that movie studio sources confirmed with today that, while it can’t comment on possible story elements, the casting of Johnny Depp as the Doctor for a 2012 film is confirmed.

But then, io9 did a little fact-checking and called the BBC directly who told them (rather politely and not in so many words) to piss off.

So do the boys at know something that no other entertainment journalist in the world knows? Is this all a red herring to throw us off the scent, and then explode our brains in a year when the rumor turns out to be true? Or is it all just bullshit.

Personally, Im not holding my breath.

The BBC has more important things to do, like continue its plan of screwing up the TV show with their annoying pop up promos in the middle of the program.

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