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I first heard of Boyce Avenue on YouTube in 2008 while searching for covers. It is difficult to recall what video, but I believe it was “So Small” a cover of Carrie Underwood.

Then I started watching other covers by them and I became hooked. They sold their covers on Itunes and I snatched every last one. They are a band that I could buy their stuff without pre-listening to and know I’ll like it. I got my friend into them and when they started a tour and came to Houston, we saw them all 3 times. They came twice to Fitzgerald’s and the last time at the House of Blues: Peacock Room.

The concert energized me. They haven’t disappointed me and I don’t set the bar high enough for them to, but they do tend to go beyond my expectations. They get better and better and it’s awesome to see and be a part of it. They played a great set of most all of their new stuff and a few of their old originals and two covers. They gave explanations for songs that made them more personal; like “Briane” which is about a suicide. I hear suicide and it hurts, because I think that if I could just speak to those that want to I could change their mind…save them; which is why “How to Save a Life” by the Fray is one of my favorite songs. One of my favorites from Boyce Avenue is:

First time there were a handful of people, I’d say about 30. The second time had a little more about 50 people and a tall woman who drunk danced and blocked my view. The third time there was at least 100 people with lots of hooting and hollering. The band consists of three brothers: Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel Manzano and a drummer that’s not related. Alejandro and Fabian were born in Houston. More info at page: Boyce Avenue and their YouTube page: Boyce Avenue Youtube.

Their music consists mainly of covers. That’s how they hook views at first. They then keep fans because of their original material that’s emotionally charged and lyrically woven like quilts with patchwork of memories. When they perform live it’s fun. Time slips away and even though they can play for 4+ hours, due to the amount of music they have, they only stay on the stage for an hour and fifteen minutes. Never disappointing in their playing, songs or on stage banter, which is more than previous two times, they just never play long enough.

It’s funny because I just looked at when they released their first videos for their YouTube account and it’s 2 years ago, making it 2008. I found them in 2008 and started following them. So I followed them from the very beginning. That’s awesome. Most bands I’m late to the party. This time I’m an early arrival. I filmed a bit of their performance here with a cover of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls, but I don’t think it sounds great on my phone and I cut off the best part because I’m silly like that. I knew that it wasn’t over and I cut it off at the point where Alejandro said, “Houston are you ready?” – ready for the end? Yeah, screwed that up.

I’m not good at music or concert reviews. I’m a huge fan and want this awesome band with great people to be successful more and more. It’s exciting to see them get signed and how incredibly gracious they are over their slow success. No pretentious feelings, no entitlement and no bogging them down with tabloid fodder; I’m pretty sure they’re not as wholesome as they appear (cause no one is), but they’re not like most bands that allow the scenery to alter their being. It’s neat to see them say thank you after they finish their encore, because it’s noticeable that they understand it’s the fans that have propelled them to where they are and they appreciate it. Therefore, if Boyce Avenue ever stops by your city the tickets are reasonable and it’ll be worth it.

Oh and if you ever hear “Every Breath” on your radio, call in and tell them how much you like it:

Because how can you not? =)

Tour Dates…a few left:

I hope that there will be more.

Look how the Philippines loves them:

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