Weekend Box Office Recap

As the "Summer of Suck" continues to lumber along, it looks like the new Karate Kid managed to soundly beat the new A-Team in the battle of the 80's entertainment franchises.

The new film with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan made $30 million more than its closest competitor and has been getting pretty good reviews from critics. Diana Saenger of ReviewExpress.com called it "the best movie of the year." but honestly, in a year that has had some pretty lack-luster films come out, that really isnt saying much.

I like Rossiter Drake's take on it from the San Francisco Examiner:
"Does the new version surpass its predecessor in any way? No. It takes the same story and feeds it back to us more or less intact, with only a few superficial alterations."

The biggest loser of the weekend falls to "Splice" which fell 61% and barely managed to stay in the list.

"Robin Hood" wasnt so lucky and has fallen out of the top ten.

Here's the top ten films from this weekend according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (new) The Karate Kid $56,000,000
2 (new) The A-Team $26,000,000
3 (1) Shrek Forever After $15,800,000
4 (2) Get Him to the Greek $10,078,460
5 (3) Killers $8,170,000
6 (4) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time $6,582,000
7 (6) Marmaduke $6,000,000
8 (5) Sex and the City 2 $5,525,000
9 (7) Iron Man 2 $4,550,000
10 (8) Splice $2,860,000

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