Warner Bros fast-tracks "Titan's" Sequel for January

The recent remake of "Clash of the Titans" was pathetic, plotless and pointlessly 3D.

So (of course) let's make a sequel!

The LA Times confirms that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are busy little beavers scurrying to get this cacophony of crap into production as fast as possible, with photography starting as early as January.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" reboot director Jonathan Liebesman appears to be at the top of the short list of possible directors, since original director Louis Leterrier opted not to sully his name any further.

Despite the fact that the remade "Clash" was a terrible, TERRIBLE film, it still managed to squeeze $162 million out of American movie watcher pockets and $325 million internationally, so Warner Bros is fast tracking this clunker in order to make sure that their star Sam Worthington is available before going into production on the Avatar sequel later next year.

Rumor is that they will also shoot this one in 3D, rather than hoping that a piss-poor conversion from standard def will help them put asses in the seats.

We'll keep you posted if anything more interesting comes out of this. But dont hold your breath.

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