“Get Him to the Greek” Number 5—eh…

JJ Rating: C+

See it again: Bits of it.
Own it: Hell no.
Recommend it to: Those who like a poor man’s version of The Hangover.

Get a self-centered, self-absorbed, self-loving rocker to an event to save his career but he’s too self-destructive to understand what is or isn’t important. That is until he and his handler go through life altering events that are supposed to be out of this world funny. Get Him to the Greek.

Jonah Hill is a funny guy. I’ve seen him in interviews and he’s a riot with his dry sense of humor. Acting wise he’s become trite and totally boring. The hapless character he continues to play can no longer work well enough to entertain. Russell Brand is funny, also. Together I think they worked very well and should do another movie that pairs them again. Oh and Puff Daddy came across as awkward, but the awkward worked very, very well with the scenes he was in.

There are a few good scenes like the mess with the mind scene, the fur, the “we’re moving to Seattle”, and the TV show appearances. Everything else was a bit overdone and underdone, as in overdone sex moments and underdone anything remotely from a different way of telling the same-old, same-old. Too much feeling like I was watching a mashup of several movies and not one of those movies I’d say would be The Hangover like someone suggested it was close to.

Get Him to the Greek makes me wonder where summer is, because right now it feels like I’m watching Spring movies. The kind that they dump off in hopes they get money out of the “well there’s nothing else to do, let’s see a movie” crowd, but are not sure money will come in because they’re pretty darn cruddy. Summer is for films that’ll get lots and lots of money. This just won’t make The Hangover kind of dough. It’s a not only a disappointment, it’s film number five in the crappest Summer in a long while. Hollywood’s new tagline: Killing Summer One Line at a Time.

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