BBC Annoys Doctor Who Fans with Graham Norton

Last night, those crazy limeys over at the BBC tried taking a page from the anals of American broadcasting and started pitching the next show while the current show is still on the air.

And loyal "Doctor Who" fans went balistic.

The Guardian.UK explains what happened:

As the camera zoomed in on Smith for an angry and emotional speech, a dancing cartoon image of Graham Norton appeared on the screen – part of a new Aardman ident for Saturday night – with a banner advertising Over the Rainbow, the talent search for a young woman to play Dorothy in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new production of The Wizard of Oz.

According to the BBC, they received thousands of angry complaints about the poorly-timed advertising. "We apologise for the timing of Saturday night's trail."  said a spokesman.

Looking at the image above, it seems to be nothing compared to the eye rape that American TV has been doing to TV shows for years.

In in the US, its known as a "lower third" - though it seems every year that networks seem to keep making them bigger, taking up more and more real estate on the TV screen. And every year they become more eggregious, with characters moving around, flashing lights, explosions, etc. anything they can possibly do to detract from the show you are trying to watch, in an attempt to convince you to watch the next thing.

Its one more reason why I can't stand commercial television.

1 comment:

J_Jammer said...

ick, they had every right to be pissed. I love Dr. Who, I'd be mad too.

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