Weekend Box Office Recap

"Iron Man 2" beats out newcomer "Robin Hood" to holds its title for the top movie in the land for the second weekend in a row. Robert Downey's action hero movie dropped 58% from its opening weekend, but still managed to hold onto the top spot by a good margin.

As far as the two other new films this week, the chick-flick "Letters to Juliet" came in 3rd, making almost $14 mil. And "Just Wright" was fourth clearing $8.5M.

"Death at a Funeral," "Babies," and "The Losers" all fell out of the top ten.

Here's the top ten according to studio estimates released Sunday:

1 (1) Iron Man 2 $53,000,000
2 (new) Robin Hood  $37,114,285 
3 (new) Letters to Juliet $13,750,000
4 (new) Just Wright $8,500,000 
5 (3) How to Train Your Dragon $5,120,000
6 (2) A Nightmare on Elm Street $4,700,000
7 (4) Date Night $4,000,000
8 (5) The Back-up Plan $2,465,000
9 (6) Furry Vengeance $2,300,000
10 (7) Clash of the Titans $1,255,000

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