“Shrek Ever After” 2nd Little Kid in the Pool of Summer

There use to be stuff here about the movie’s details. That has been removed due to lack of care in creating good movies. When a good movie is shown, this shall return—until then…eat popcorn off the floor sucky Hollyhoes!

JJ Rating: C+

See it again: Bits.
Own It: hahaha…no.
Recommend it to: People who can’t remember how good the first one was.

Shrek returns to….feel better about his married life. Excited? Shrek Ever After.

Menopausal Shrek had moments of great laughter and then long dry spells of dead uncomfortable blah. It was a movie eked out to get some more easy money. One of the good moments that has been done before (but it was still done well) happens at the beginning. The scene shows why Shrek would accept a different set of circumstances. The sum up of day in day out of his life was amusing and somewhat sad. Shrek Ever After lacked over all heart and enjoyment that would connect with the audience that loved Shrek. Now it just feels like a 45 year old punk rock star. It’s lost that edge. The creative aspect did orbit the film, but from far and away-- it was hardly seen but a few times. Most of those times had to do with the ginger bread man or Puss n’ Boots. The rest of the characters just felt common.

This summer, as stated in the Movie Summer Review, sucks and this would be the second movie that proves the perdition accurate.


Andy said...

Agreed. The whole Shrek franchised has been milked stone dry. A bit sad really.

Horse Rating said...

I havent watched the movie yet. But my friends told me it was a good movie.

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