“Iron Man 2” Iron Stark FTW!

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation and Sequel
Running Time: 2 hr. 5 min.
Release Date: May 7th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some language.
Distributors: Paramount Pictures

Directed by: Jon Favreau

JJ Rating: A+

See It Again: YES!
Own It: YES!
Recommend it to: Average moviegoers who enjoyed the first film and think the critics do not (and I’m talking about the paid ones) know what they are talking about…

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) the narcissistic billionaire is back as Iron Man. He’s pissed off Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) who is Whiplash. He’s got to make Stark pay for what he stole. Fun times Iron style. Iron Man 2.

Rotten Tomatoes couldn’t have been more wrong. I know…I know it’s just a conglomerate of critics and then their ratings are averaged to give the Fresh or Rotten Score, but they’re stuck on postmortem greatness. Greatness that hardly any of them noticed when said person (by the way Heath Ledger) was alive. This idea (and it’s far fetched for most people) that The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie or comic book movie is a joke. It’s not so much that I think people should hate it, but it’s the fact that so many people like it because an actor died and then they fawn over his performance in an ostentatious, deluded manner. This is like Obama. People voted for him because he was black. People didn’t because he’s black. People voted for him because they honestly believe he was the best choice. I think if it were solely based on people that believe The Dark Knight is good without the bias of death hindering their love, The Dark Knight wouldn’t be considered one of the best comic book movies—Iron Man would be. Batman is so dark there’s no room for humanity. Tony Stark is just the right amount of narcissism that loving him is doable—and by doable I’m also speaking for those that would go a little further than just appreciate the character, well if he were real.

That’s part of it, the other part of the critic opinion are those that suggest there was no plot. It annoys me to no end that these idiots sit and watch movies more than anyone and they can’t see the plot? I think the “death” is clogging their critical thinking. There were plots. This wasn’t just a fun stop on the Iron Man express. There was a point. I’m sorry that the point didn’t have a dead actor at the end of it or a crazed serial killer who has a creepy I will touch you and you’ll like it voice. I like The Dark Knight, I just didn’t overly love it. It wasn’t fun. It was only thrilling for a one time viewing. Iron Man's fun over and over again.

This entire “when you strip it down…” crap is just that—crap. When you use that phrase for any film the film will be plain. That’s how people connect with comic book movies or fantasies or science fiction. With all the powers, magical moments, and technological wonderment is removed, what’s left is human—something to understand and connect with. God, sometimes I wonder where people’s minds find this crap. Ugh…

Iron Man 2 is about more than a narcissistic billionaire business man vs. another narcissistic billionaire. It’s about a Tony Stark losing who he is and finding out that there’s more to him than the suit. It was a fantastic flight of fancy. The script not only packed in some great action, there are great one-liners that zing, zang, zoom across the screen from all directions and they probably flew over the heads of the slow-to-pay-attention critics.

Robert Downy Jr., again, plays a quick witted, charming, narcissistic Tony Stark so well. His interaction with the rest of the cast is far more enjoyable than any action scene. It’s the fun of the quick fire lines that make Iron Man ironclad and like no other comic book movie ever made. I believe that Gwyneth Paltrow (as Pepper Potts) was fun, flustered and great at the back and forth. Pepper is like a mother figure to Tony. A scene between her and Downey that occurs during one of fights has her freaking out over a smaller matter and they banter back and forth over it. I love it. Don Cheadle is the spare tire for James Rhodes and he plays the role with authoritative power. He’s serious to Downy’s silly. They were yin and yang even with their respected suits on. Mickey Rourke plays the villain Ivan Vanko (similar look to Whiplash in the comic even though they never call him that in the film) in an awesome methodical manner. Every scene with him sitting and being talked to or him talking it appears he’s always thinking ahead at what he’ll do next more than him being there in that moment.

Then there were the characters that were important but did not have big roles…yet. One of the critic complaints was that there’s too much going on, especially in the villain department. Sam Rockwell plays Justin Hammer who is the business rival against Tony Stark. He wants military contracts but in order to get them he’ll have to acquire the Iron Man suit so he can create his own army for the different military divisions. He’s important for the film and (I’m assuming) films in the future. His role was to give backing to Vanko but also to show him in action so that he’ll be remembered when he returns in another film. Rockwell vs. Downy plays well in the witty banter department. It almost seems like they could go do it all day long and never grow tired or less entertaining. Scarlett Johansson is the new assistant to Stark but also the Black Widow (but she’s not called that at all). She plays her in a seductive manner and does not have a Russian accent. She does, however, speak several languages and maybe for her role with Stark she was pulled off an American accent. And then there’s Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson. I think the eye patch makes Jackson even more intimidating, if that’s remotely possible. Just as it appears in the other films where Jackson shows up as Fury, he has a plan and he’s going to get it done no matter who stands in his way. I like how it translates from film to film, even if it is subtle.

There are so many great scenes. The entire senate hearing scene should be how all senate hearings are held so that they’re not boring, trite and totally pointless. Senate hearings are far too pompous. We sit higher than you and know more. You sit lower and know nothing. Shut your civilian mouth and listen to the gods of Olympus…I mean listen to us the people who are doing the will of the taxpayers. Yeah that…ugh. Every single scene between Pepper and Stark is funny, charming and I can’t believe he just said that. The Rhodes vs. Stark battle in the Iron Man suits. Fury vs. Stark, Hammer vs. Stark, Vanko vs. Stark, The Senator vs. Stark, and alcohol vs. Stark…everyone vs. Stark held my attention just like any character should. Downy surely fused Tony Stark and Iron Man into a new character for Iron Man 2: Iron Stark. The new character has unbeatable lines that pierce the very soul of a moviegoer and has them fall in love from the onset.

Black Widow going into Hammer’s facilities stole some entertaining mojo from Stark and Iron Man. Johansson sidewinded, swayed, punched, kicked and slid her way through the security guards. There’s a moment between her and the last guard that reminded me a lot of Indiana Jones vs. the Swordsman when Indy just shot the man and moved on.

The futurist look of Iron Man 2 made me want technology. Normally when I see movies with lots of technology I don’t care to have any…unless it’s Star Trek related. But Iron Man 2 has a computer that’ll have a personality who’ll interact with you and what you want. Then there’s the way Stark can just toss stuff into the garbage from his computer made me jealous. The Iron Man suit itself looks amazing and like a brand new car. I wonder if it smells like one on the inside. Maybe he infused the inside with well worn leather cushion for the pushin’.

The more I think about it, the more I love Iron Man 2. Anyone who thinks differently might as well not try to convince me otherwise. I’m sorry that none of the actors died so that you can become overly obsessed with this comic book movie, but woe is you.

Oh! The water bottle Tony Stark drinks out of throughout the film (but water’s not in it) is this water bottle -- freakin’ awesome. I have one. I got it in October at that very website. It’s a great water bottle. If you do go and get one yourself, then you best say who brought you there so that they can see I still love it, even though mine had an accident on a cruise I took. I am sad and wish they’d replace it because of how much love I give it to all I meet. It’s weird how it makes the water feel smoother.

Iron Man 2 had more lip, banter and wit than the first. The action scenes were short and sweet, powerful and satisfying, and every bit technologically awing as the first. Tony Stark doesn’t come from a cookie sheet of heroes. He’s his own breed and stands alone with who he is, what he can do and how effective his narcissistic attitude is on his charming display of heroic greatness. This is no Dark Knight, it’s far better than a film that took itself too seriously with grim and grit. Iron Man 2 is witty, facetious, brilliant and epigrammatic in its own Iron Stark way.

PS. Yes there’s a scene at the end of the credits. If you love comic book movies you already knew this. If you didn’t know it most likely won’t really interest you because you’ll be like, “WHAT? It’s just a….” and not get it.


Escarondito said...

JJammer your kidding me right. Step back from your own assertions and realize that not everyone loves The Dark Knight and holds it so highly because heath died. It's not like voting for obama cause he is black. If people hold it so highly because ledger died in it i guess the critical reaction and box office receipts would've been a little higher no?

But I digress. Iron Man 1 had a great plot. I have no clue where you read people didn't think it had one. Iron Man 2 has a plot as well. Issue is it kind of sucks. And I say kind of because the whole story is not garbage. The first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes set-up and finish the film adequately but not exceptionally. And the middle LAGS. Simply put, there is no threat. Hammer breaks whiplash out of prison for the sole basis of setting up and act 3. If you can tell me one thing the villians did to tony besides the initial attack and the final confrontation I'd be shocked. You may think that is not an issue but things like that are terrible to a story line. The antagonist must antag. You can't tell me his impending death was a legitimate threat because from the moment Fury comes into the story and says (paraphrased)," Heres our mini-cure, there is a way to completely cure you but we don't know how, find a way" we already see the threat gone the moment the shot takes away "grainy vein"(I have no better word for it). So since any conflict in Act 2 is officially removed we now have everyone merely building towards act 3. Our protag, our two antags, and yes even our supporting characters. Once cheadle steals the suit.*Plot hole* the first suits can't work without the arc light reactor. Explain how cheadle was able to turn it on let alone work it considering one of the gem moments of the first movie was tony learning to control the suit*end plot hole*. He spends the rest of the movie getting it suped up and Hammer and becoming his pawn for the act 3 war machine reveal. So for the Entire act 2 every one is merely getting ready for Act 3, revealing bits and pieces of an impending Avengers movie, and Coasting on charm and jokes alone. By the way, I agree whiplash was well acted, his story wasn't but I'll get to that soon. However, most scenes he had with Hammer fell flat. Re-watch again and I guarantee you won't laugh. I don't know how you did the first time. Not saying he wasn't amusing, he did have me smiling and giving a chuckle every once in awhile, but no cough out my popcorn knee slappers.

Escarondito said...

Also, "no one believes in Iron Man anymore". What was that BS? Becuase Bill O'Reilly says it on his show. One of the keys of story telling is "show, don't tell". Simply telling me Iron Man isn't loved anymore doesn't mean anything. Especially when the moment tony stark hops out his car and grabs some strawberries the vendor is all gooey eyed and "we believe in you"-y. Add to that fact, why don't they believe in him? Because he get's his ass beat by Vanko? Because he is now reckless? He BEATS VANKO and for all intensive purposes the world thought vanko was dead. And you lose faith in him then? No one saw his reckless behavior but his closet friends. And don'y you say that the party made people lose faith in him then because they were "losing faith in him" before that. That whole sub-plot makes no sense.

Also, He doesn't hand over the Iron Man suit for what? Because HE alone maintains world peace? Because no other country will have the technology for years? How bout mass producing the suits for the US to maintain world peace? cause right now his argument is "I got it you want it Na-nah-na-nah Boo-boo".

Now to the action scenes. Except for the monaco showdown, Garbage. Every last one of them. And lets count how many there actually were. Monaco, escape from the prison, Chase through the expo, war machine versus Iron man, War and Iron versus the horde, war/Iron versus whiplash. Lets start from monaco. How does whiplash know that Iron man is in the race when it was a quick "im going to die soon" decision? With racing gear covering a backpack with whips. Besides that. This is what the fight ended up being. A great scene of Tony dealing with the sins of his fathers past and then great help from happy hogan and and potts to throw on the suit. Now we are ready for some whoop ass right? Wrong. Whip lash whips tony one, twice, three times he's in a hold. And Iron man pulls him in and punches him in the face. Great climactic battle. Escape from prison makes sense. Chase from the drones. Long. no high points but no low points either. Battle versus war machine first and second. I already told you why the first was stupid. The second was another waste of a scene considering the first was wrong and felt off fromt he fact that cheadle just hops in and knows how to work it completely. On to the second whiplash fight. ITS THE SAME AS THE FIRST. He whips each once, twice, three times and holds both. Although it is a great call and repeat to show them do the repulsor blast explosion all he does is hold each down till they do a last ditch move. And it took about 30 seconds. Plus the absolute absurdity of Whiplash fighting with a helmet off against repulsor blasts and bullets. And the end chase scene of Iron man flying through explosions to save Potts was pure blockbuster trash. Thrown in for pure popcorn glory. Why you ask? Becuase it negates the countless others that died in the park that Iron Man wasn't able to save. I mean shit he was never going to be able to save them and it would put the movie on a dark tone that the first film didn't have by killing pepper potts so either scenario it would have been bad but the scene should not have been in the movie in the first place.

Ok I'm done. Have at me JJammer.

J_Jammer said...

The Box Office was HIGH.

533 MILLION in Domestic Box Office. World Wide...a Billion.

So how is that NOT a lot? I highly doubt it would be so high if he were alive. Heath Ledger was a great actor WITHOUT the Joker. When people realized he was great...he was dead..so they made it MORE than it was. I always said that Heath Ledger was great. I didn't need the Joker to make me feel that. But you read people's opinions on him before he was even cast and there wasn't a lot of wow he's awesome. And when he was cast people couldn't see it. I had to tell those people that it's all in his smile...it's right there and that he could pull it off.

The Dark Knight got so much love because he died. Had he lived....there would have been love, but not this much. Death is golden.

As for the Villain in Iron Man you have no idea who it was and that would be Iron Man himself. Whiplash was a angry person who was fooled into thinking his father created something wonderful. So he wasn't the main villain he was the fight villain. He was necessary because Iron Man needed someone needed to fight.

Deaths at the world fair happened where? People escaped. It is possible no one got hurt. There are countless big explosions that kill no one but injure a lot.

Iron Man is not Superman. He can't save everyone and anyone who is anyone on this planet would save their loved ones over someone they didn't know. And who would do that more than the narcissistic Iron Man?

You would be a hater of heroes if they were real. You'd be on the Superhero Registration side (which Iron Man was on that side as well). WHAT You didn't save everyone? You suck.

Batman has the same amount of money and technology and how many people did he save in the Dark Knight that he didn't have sex with? Just so you know.../sarcasm.

The Action scenes were shown because Iron Man had to fight...they weren't the main focus. Tony Stark was the main focus. He's transformation to someone that thought he was a god to someone who knew that he was just as fallible as others and would like to be a part of something bigger....

Really your plot hole is the control of a suit that Tony Most likely made easier because he tested them and therefore found out to make it simpler...And you think someone could TAKE a suit without him WANTING them to? Jeeves wouldn't allow it. Tony knew where the suit was going to go. He just didn't care. He felt that he deserved to lose since he thought he couldn't before and then found out he could...losing a suit was no longer a big deal.

Hammer and Stark were not flat. I don't know if you just want in to hate it or you're just boring...either way it's almost a waste of my time doing this since you refuse to think as you watch a film.

I am afraid to ask this because the answer might bore me....but what are your top five films? This will explain your lack of humor and enjoyment in anything that isn't dark and overly dramatic.

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