Weekend Box Office Recap

UPDATE: According to the "Actuals" (which is a fancy way of saying the number the studios didnt pull out of their asses) "Clash of the Titans" didnt suck quite as bad as we had originally posted.

The 3D mythological floptacular brought in $26.7 million to "Date Night's"  $25.2 million.


It was a tight race for the box office dominant this week, but in the end, the hi-jinks of Steve Carell and Tina Fey win the weekend with "Date Night" taking the top spot.

Warner Bros. much ballyhooed yet critically eviscerated "Clash of the Titans" could not manage a second week as the number one film in the land. It fell 56% from its opening weekend numbers, bringing in just enough to not be destroyed by an animated lovable Dragon.

Biggest looser of the weekend goes to Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married Too?" which fell 62% from its opening weekend numbers last week. I think people are instead wondering "Why does this guy continue to get work in the movie business?"

Here's the top ten based on studio estimates from Sunday night.

1 (new) Date Night  $27,100,000
2 (1) Clash of the Titans $26,875,000
3 (3) How to Train Your Dragon $25,350,000
4 (2) Why Did I Get Married Too? $11,000,000
5 (4) The Last Song $10,018,000
6 (5) Alice in Wonderland $5,615,000
7 (6) Hot Tub Time Machine $5,430,000
8 (7) The Bounty Hunter $4,300,000
9 (8) Diary of a Wimpy Kid $4,100,000
10 (new) Letters to God $1,100,000

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