Racebending = Stupid Thinking Pt. 2

What does Zach Tyler, Mae Whitman, and Jack De Sena have in common with Ang, Katara, and Sokka? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not their race. You’re RIGHT, it’s their voices. Three white people voice the three ambiguous Asian characters from “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

I swear I just want to create an entire website that pimps only white people. Not on accident and not apologetically, but on purpose. I would praise white people and all of their accomplishments and give them their own month. Typically the whitest month of the whole year December. Just so all you few readers out there December 2010 is the first White History Month. Tell all your friends and ask them to participate and by participate I don’t mean wear any type of headgear.

Any website that pretends to pick people under the guise of fairness and doesn‘t do it, should be tarred, feathered and strung up so all can give them the stink eye. According to Racebending.com they like http://www.racebending.com/v3/featured/follow-friday-jennifer-8-lee-author-and-journalist/ “featuring a different writers, artists, activist, and all-around awesome people who have contributed something unique to the American culture and social landscape” aside from that being a total lie, it was far too wordy and should have just said we only pick Asians--simply put. There is no problem only showcasing one’s own race. I do not have a problem with it. I don’t find it a problem to have schools that decide to be race specific because that’s how the creators wanted it to be. The problem starts when those that do that go about their lives claiming racism every single time their race is excluded without intentional malice.

I find it to be totally disingenuous to have programs that are race specific (unless you’re white then they’ll just call you the clan--so want to make that website) and then go on a hate mission when someone excludes your race.

You know back in royalty days they would marry off their children so that they could bring peace among two warring kingdoms (or kingdoms about war). I think that could be similar to what mixed race children could be liken to, however it does not work that way. We can’t bring races together no better than those marriages between a horny prince and a not interested princess (or visa versa) had done.

Moving on to the Shyamalan Interview that is belittled and mocked. Let’s look.

“Unfortunately, Shyamalan’s idea of ‘diversity’ only proves how much he completely misconstrues the casting concerns of the public.”

Unfortunately Racebending.com thinks it speaks for me. They will NEVER speak for me…ever.

I want them to use a thesaurus and pick a different word than Asian. That word is raped by this site. I almost wish I wasn’t Asian after reading it being paraded around like a badge of honor. It’s like if you weren’t Asian then you ain’t nothing’.

I thought they were going to share the interview and explain why they disliked it or disagreed with it. Nah they just link it. Then they promote their poorly written letter to Paramount. You know the kind that puts in perspective how many Asians have roles in America. Ignoring that there’s Indian (Bollywood), Chinese and Japanese films that have, in their own country, all Asian casts. That’s not good enough. They have to have the majority of America too. I know, I know they just want their fair share, but what’s fair? What Racebending.com thinks is fair? Pretentious and selfish people who think that every single film that doesn’t give them Affirmative Action isn’t fair. They need to stop crying over spilled noodles.

Some Paramount films that have some “dark skinned people”(/mock) in them:

Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Star Trek (all)
The Indian in the Cupboard
Kiss the Girls
Deep Impact
The Wood
Rat Race
Tupac: Resurrection

Yes, this isn’t the majority or what one might consider fair, but if Paramount is as terrible as Racebending.com would have one believe, then there wouldn’t be minorities at all. It would mirror the films they had when they first started in the 1900’s.

I understand the want to see more Asians in film. I get excited when there’s an Asian on American Idol or Survivor, but just because they’re there doesn’t mean I’m going to cheer for them solely because we might share the same skin tone. They best prove themselves. I ain’t time to deal with someone who can’t sing or can’t strategize. (Note that Survivor has had a season where they split the tribes in to races and the Asian Team dominated and an Asian man won.)

Moving on to superheroes.

This pisses me off. Of course they mention Sunfire but do they mention Dust (Sunni Muslim) and Storm (African Goddess)? No. And what about Psylocke whose Japanese? No. They make a mockery of Marvel by not even mentioning the fact that the majority of the villains in Marvel are white like the major ones Magneto, Dr. Doom, Mr. Sinister (please do not be offended by his white face), Apocalypse (oh please he’s not Egyptian no matter what his origin says) but they pull from one of the smaller ranking villains and say the Mandarin points out how Asians are more likely to be villains (let’s not forget Lady Deathstrike) because they don’t want to be all exclusive. Maybe Marvel should do a recasting and make the Blob a black guy who loves chicken and totally make him ghetto instead of white and total trailer trash. Maybe that’ll make some people happy. OOH they could make Magneto black and make him enslave white men instead of enslaving specifically humans. He could have a slave grudge. They could make Mr. Sinster Jewish and have him do experiments on only Nazis. Readers take that with a grain of salt.

This section speaks about a book titled “Secret Identities” by [enter a bunch of Asian names here]. Their main interest is that these are only Asian heroes that were created by Asians for Asians so that they can identify and feel more loved because they are Asian. Let’s totally ignore the fact that “Heroes” (NBC—though not awesome as it could be, still, for me, good) has two Japanese heroes that speak Japanese and look Japanese and are Japanese. Are there French heroes? How about African heroes (the Haitian doesn’t count)? Specifically more Asian heroes in “Heroes” than there are other minorities and the villains are mainly white. But what difference does that make? It doesn’t add to the victim mentality that is now embraced by the Asian community. Woe is me.

It's really getting under my skin. I'm so annoyed that activist honestly think this brings people together. When I write my stories I specifically leave out race. I use generic first names and last names to keep from giving them a specific race. I combine a bunch of different things to give me unique last names that are most likely not held by anyone on this palent. I don’t want my characters to be dictated by what color they are. Some people need color to add to what they’re sharing, I do not. I want to give a human experience. Humans should relate to other humans. It’s a good thing firefighters and police officers do not save people because they share the same colored skin. That’s essentially what any activist is saying. That it is ok for someone to save another person based on whether they match skin or not. You can only relate to a hero if they share the same skin color as you.

I, however, went against my thinking on leaving out race(as writers should go against rules when it’s necessary, don’t be boring and follow rules relentlessly--even your own) by describing a love interest in one of my recent stories as being black because I wanted hair to be a puff of awesome like a sunrise. I read Percy Jackson and the Olympian series and I am pretty sure most of those characters were white or could be assumed to be white, but in the movie they turned Grover (who was specifically describe as white) into a black character and some people went all into a tirade. I didn't see no racebending crap on that. Because it didn't matter, Grover could be black and he was and it worked. The gods on Olympus have been written in their time as being white, but if someone were to write them as a different race, by all means what difference would it make? Shakespeare is the same...and then you have Marvel characters in film such as Nick Fury who is played by Samuel L. Jackson who is black. Nick Fury has been white for many years. Only when Marvel decided to do an alternate universe and call it the Ultimates did they turn him black. I don't think it was a bad idea. I honestly LOVE they took that Nick Fury instead of the actual timeline one. I think it's a wonderful decision. But no one really praises when things happen that way. They have to get all pissy over any and every race change (or just specifically their own race).

I don't need to know someone's race to relate to them. I’m Jirish. How many of any famous person, let alone person in a comic book or movie, even come close to that? If I were to go by this websites mentality I’d be a sad panda for not getting what I want out of life. My favorite hero is Cyclops and he's as white as white can be, stubborn, so sure of himself and a whore for telepaths -- but he constantly fights for what he believes to be right no matter the odds that are against him and his team. He also wears glasses. How many heroes have to wear glasses? He has been my favorite since 6th grade when I got my first pair of glasses. No hero I have ever read about HAD to wear glasses and he did and I thought he made glasses cooler. I think it’s far better to be enamored by someone because of what they have done, what kind of personality they have, what they wear or whatever, but not skin. Skin is something they just can’t pick. Would you mock someone and give them hard time over how they can’t walk because of them being crippled? Why not? What someone has physically isn’t necessarily always something they had created on their own. It might be something they inherited and worse it might be something that was inflected on them. Appreciate people for what they can accomplish without their physical inheritance.

It just makes me mad that people make "grassroot" movements that are supposedly for the betterment of all when they singly lift one group above others and say yes, they are better. Why don't YOU acknowledge that?

What can you do? That is answered at this link.

Look stupid in a t-shirt, that’s what you can do. Don’t believe me; look at the t-shirts and then the people wearing them. Give me the power to design t-shirts. I swear I can design better and people would actually want to wear them even after this tiresome and mundane event passes and is forgotten.

At that link they also state “Tell your friends, get a pic, do a blog. Every voice counts.” They got that right, I’m Asian and my voice will count against them. I have never seen so many people hate on another race so much without wearing hoods. I don’t apologize for the over dramatic tone I have. Deal with it.

Oh, oh and then they have this, “The one color Hollywood can’t ignore is green.” Funny, since that is why they cast the way they want because they do want green. Silly Asian only lovers.

This link makes a good point about saying Caucasian or any other ethnicity as a bit crass. I would like to point out; however, that white people are not treated equally as this website would like to believe. Look how they treat white people. Also you cannot use this as a reason to dislike Paramount. Whoever wrote that probably went against what was required to request.

“The research speaks for itself. The evidence is pulled directly from documents officially released and endorsed by Paramount – or spoken by one of the film’s casting directors.
Decisions were made within Paramount’s leadership to systematically exclude faces of color from the forefront of The Last Airbender. When pressured to introduce diversity into the cast, Paramount carefully selected roles that were either antagonistic or inconsequential.

The wording of the casting calls, the offhand remarks of the casting director, and the overall attitude of Paramount’s search for actors reflect both implicit and explicit bias against Americans of color.”

No the research does NOT speak for itself. It’s more ambiguous than the characters they claim to like (hello purple eyes, blue eyes…not ambiguous. An ambiguous color is more natural color and brown would be that natural color.). The wording may be harsh and the wording may be ignorant but that is not indicative of the director or the casting. That’s more the problem of the person that wrote the descriptions and the person that signed off on it. Note that they didn’t specify who did these things; they’ll just allow you to assume they know who did and let you think that it was someone very important, important enough to be pissy like a little girl who didn’t get her way.

I don’t have time to deal with this one. It’s ridiculous. Prince Zuko is not nice, nor good in the first season. Avatar: The Last Airbender is based on the first season. So Prince Zuko is evil. OMG don’t say evil that’s labling dark skinned (lame phrase) people as having the possibility of being evil. NO WAY all people who have dark skin (it’s on the dumbest phrase ever list) are always GOOD. Duh. Pathetic. Only white people can be and should be evil.

In a show called “Rosewell” there’s a character that’s the sheriff’s son and he’s evil the first season. Why was he evil? That wasn’t explained but even after it was he wasn’t any nicer until season two. Then there’s “Smallville” with Lex Luther. He’s vile and even after we learn that his father is part of the reason he is that way it didn’t make Lex less mean, it just had the audience understand him more. The prince is no different that those characters. He can be as good as he wants, but if he isn’t a good in his action then that’s too bad, because that’s what the audience bases evil on. Hello there’s a show that has a serial killer (“Dexter) as a main character and people see him as a hero of sorts. The Prince is evil in the first season so what. Oh wait there’s got to be a skin related issue because Racebending.com is ran by racist. How do I know? Anyone that doesn’t like anything that has to do with race is, well, a racist. That’s what black leaders have taught me and shown me by their own actions. Lesson learn. Move along.

The website again is www.racebending.com. Go ahead and join it. Share your views about how you think Asians should rule the world. I, personally, will not be posting at that site, nor will I even bother believing a single word that they type. I won’t tell people not to go to that site, because some people would love to know of a website that specifically does that. Why not share? I’ll direct traffic to them because I believe that people should know all about ignorance and what it does and what better way to see it than first hand at www.racebending.com.

Excuse me I have December to plan for. Did you hear? It’s White History Month in December. Be sure to tell everyone you know. Let’s make this the best racist month ever created.

*Marvel Characters were pictures done by people at www.deviantart.com


Riz said...

I don't understand why they don't acknowledge or praise the East Asians or Asian Americans that ARE in the media. They choose to be negative. I mean really. Like any other nationality got into Hollywood movies instantly. It took time and hard work. It also depends on people in general. Some ppl get the opportunity because certain ppl gave them that chance. For instance American Idol or Sandra Bullock giving George Lopez the opportunity to create his own show which became very successful. Why? Because HE made it so.

I only visited there site maybe once or twice. From what I saw at those times, there weren't very positive things. There are so many asian americans of all types that are in the media (commercials, tv shows, tv series, tv movies, the NEWS and my favorite, Indpendent Films) Yet not a single one is mentioned. As if ppl around the world don't see any of those things. Which is silly because movies aren't the only things that are awarded or praised.

I understand what they are trying to do but from what I've seen, they only want a Hollywood Movie because apparently that's the only thing that counts or matters. Well if that's the case then many actors that are famous now wouldn't be around.

As for The Last Airbender, I'm a fan and at first I was saddened that Katara nor Sokka would have tanned skin but no where in my mind did I instantly think racism. I mean really, it's an animated show that was turned to a movie. Now when did ANY animated show (game, book, play, etc.) EVER have an accurate movie adaptation? NEVER xD lol

I do dislike the way they are tarnishing Avatar too. They are creating such a mess that it truly makes me sad to see. All these racist slurs and assumptions. I have NEVER seen or heard the word "white" nor "whitewashed", used SO many times, in my entire life. I am becoming very FED UP with those words. What makes a person white anyways? If it's complexion then shouldn't that be used for fair skinned asians as well? Since that's how racebending is making it seem like. Also, I wish they would change the name. Be original and stop using Avater as your flag ship against racism. There IS no racism in the avatar movie. It's just anger that an east asian didn't get the part you wanted them to have. Pure bias in my opinion.

Excuse me if I didn't convey my opinion properly. I'm not great at writing out how I feel. But I tried ;) and agree with what you said in your rant as well ;)

I'm just so tired of all the negativity. It's like they don't care who they trample on to get what they want. They don't care that this is M. Night's first movie that ISN'T his own creation and he's trying his hardest to get it right but also be his own. They don't care that Noah or Nicola are new to this and this is Noah's VERY first movie. They have no respect for them at all. They don't even care that Paramount fired ppl because certain ppl had a fit at the casting call "Caucasion or Any Other Ethnicity". They made such a big deal that ppl lost there jobs. Which means that families who really needed those jobs are now in trouble but of course they don't care. I'm sure it wasn't just ppl who are apart of RB.com though. One mistake and ppl freaked out causing jobs to be lost.

Ugh, I'm sorry. I'm ranting xD I'm just tired of all this and I guess in a way I wanted your opinion about this. ;) Although I've got 2prts of that already ;D


~ Riz ~

J_Jammer said...

You bring up some good points about this being some people's first acting job and this being M's first directing job of a story that's not even his creation. I realized that this was his first, but I didn't mention it. That is a very good point.

I dislike that people hate and complain about how others judge before knowing someone, but they'll be the first person to judge someone's work based on rumor and conjecture before they see it.

I dislike that Chris Evans was picked (as I mentioned before) for Captain America. I can't explain how annoyed I am at that choice, but I am not going to protest nor am I going to NOT see Captain America because of it. I very well might be wrong and Evans might be the very best choice. I didn't see the casting. I am basing this solely (and I admit it) looks and previous acting jobs.

I have opinions on movies constantly and complain about a lot, but I don't ever want that to stop anyone from seeing a movie or ruin someone.

I watch Survivor and right now Russell is doing great. I hate him. There's so many reasons why, but I won't stop watching the show because of that. I love Survivor no matter who wins. It's an awesome display of humanity and what people will sacrifice for a million dollars.

Thanks for reading and your opinion. You brought up some points I did not.

Glad you enjoyed reading it. ha.

mattyjk said...

This is so frustrating. Their arguments are so flawed.

They use The Last of the Mohicans and Daniel Day Lewis' character as an example where a white guy was cast as the role of a Native American.

In the "Is Zuko Evil" thread they say that coloured people are always cast as bad guys and white as good.
They only look at one of James Bond's villians. Aside from Dr. No and Mr Big I can't think of any others that aren't white.
Indiana Jones only meets non white villains in Temple of Doom and that is because he is in India.
Using the Daredevil movie is a better option. It does fit in with with their argument.

However have they heard of Wesley Snipes? He is always fighting evil white guys.
Brandon Lee was on the rise until his untimely death.

Sorry for the rant but for some reason you can't access the comment section on their site.

J_Jammer said...

Ranting is okay. I wouldn't bother commenting on their site. They made the site, they aren't going to unmake it should anyone prove them wrong. It is in their best interest to ignore any logic against them and continue on their path of hate.

TheVoiceOfReason said...

I'm going to crash the party here. You can't call people of color racist because people of color do not think themselves superior to whites. Racebending.com has every right to protest this since there were plenty of smoking guns involved. Life isn't fair, and history is a double-standard. So you have to make the effort to right the wrongs, and give preference to those who have traditionally had the door slammed in their face. You can't just say that "Everything is equal now so what's your problem?" Everything is not equal, and America favors whites to the point that it's ridiculous. There has to be a general consensus among people of color if things are fair enough. They are the ones who decide not you. You lost that privilege ever since your ancestors imperialized the world, and enslaved many. You still benefit from this imperialism, and you keep it alive by endorsing this crap regardless of the fact that you were not present. The fact that you can't even admit that the characters of Avatar are Asian is a sign of that. You also think that racially ambiguous=whites and it does not. People of Color deserve preference for roles that were written for them at the least. They only seem to get preference when it comes to playing demeaning roles or stereotypes, but not the desirable leads. Hollywood has whitewashed many of it's characters of color, and ridiculously so. This isn't about the best actors for Hollywood since alot of the actors, and actresses these days suck. It's about getting the whitest person they can find because they think that people like you are too racist to handle Asian leads. That is why about half of the Racebending movement is white. We have to even the playing field in the film industry, and The Last Airbender proved that the industry prefers whites over everything else even when it comes to playing Asians! Whites are considered the default when they are not the default for anything. You are WHITE. Whites have roles re-written, and white washed for then just because the studios don't want to hire people of color. That is discriminatory, and you know it. Asians didn't have a chance snowballs chance in hell to be the leads which were handed on a silver platter to a bunch of talentless white kids. The world of Avatar is pan-asian, not-white. The simple fact that the creators have to make official posters of Aang looking more like a stereotypical Asian shows that American whites still think that everything is about them unless it is explicitly stated that the characters are people of color, or the characters are in demeaning, stereotypical roles. That type of thinking is racist, and shows that America has a long way to go. As far as the features of the cartoon characters go they are not ambiguous, but Asian. It's a shame that you expect Bryan & Mark to tell you that they are Asian. The creators shouldn't have to do that. Artist have every right to make their characters as they please. If they want to make a Japanese girl with blonde hair and blue eyes they can do that, because it's their creation. Who are you to tell them that their characters should look a certain way if they are people-of-color. To have a pan-asian world with white characters makes no sense whatsoever to Bryan & Mike. It only makes sense to those who can't handle the fact that a beautifully crafted story has no whites like you in it. Opportunity for Asians in Hollywood is not very plentiful. Paramount had the opportunity to get this right, but instead they punked out to the false ideal that America always want white leads. (which has been proven many times to be false) They were wrong this time. The Racebending movement aren't the ones who are racist since you can't prove that they are. It's Hollywood.

J_Jammer said...

The voice actors for the characters are all white.

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