Racebending = Stupid Thinking Pt. 1

I am half Japanese and half Irish (Jirish), so I’m allowed to do what I’m about to do. Apparently you can only get a pass to complain about a race if you’re that race, so I’m the perfect person for this job, cause I’m about to do so major complaining.

The website is called www.racebending.com and it’s mainly in reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender (no matter how much it might remind you of genderbending) which is a title for a feature film directed by M. Night Shyamalan. What is "Avatar: The Last Airbender" about? Read its Wikepedia page.

I have updated my queue on Netflix and I’ll be receiving the episodes for this show starting this week. I will not, under any circumstances, be altering my view on this just because of watching the cartoon. I needed something interesting to watch and this just happens to be something I might like, like Doctor Who when I first heard about it. Unfortunately Doctor Who is white and according to these people at Racebender me being half Asian shouldn’t find anything appealing about heroes that are white because they are not just like me.

I plan on exploring as much of this website through my very pissed off thinking on this matter. This is part one. No need to flood you with my disgust and massive disappointment all at once. I’ll trickle it for your enjoyment.

The mission statement for Racebending.com (I feel like making up a name to mock them):

Through open dialogue and grassroots protest, we seek to raise awareness.

Through organized boycott and communication with Hollywood representatives, we encourage studios to create television and film that reflect the true richness of the American people.

What they mean to say is that they want to dictate who gets to be picked for what roles, because they better understand how acting works than those that actually get paid to do the job. They would have been more pleased if there were no white people in the film at all. Shut them out like a Bollywood film or Japanese studio film. Because it is ok to shut out white people, because these same white people enslaved blacks and made them pick cotton and they made the Chinese work on the rail roads all for less than nothing. Oh and less forget they killed American Indians during the creation of America and put Japanese in concentration camps during WWII. They deserve to suffer for what their nasty, evil ancestors did. MAKE THEM SUFFER!

Apparently the cartoon is set “in an Asian-influenced world of Chinese martial arts and elemental manipulation.” It draws on traditional ways of Chinese and Japanese culture. I have read that they are ambiguous characters in this show. Meaning they are not specifically any race. The animated show had high ratings on Nicktoons (5.6 million) and was “nominated and won awards from the Annual Annie Awards, the Genesis Awards, the primetime Emmy awards and a Peabody Award.”

The Avatar world has Asian influences meaning that the whole world is supposedly Asian like but the races of this world are what? That’s right: ambiguous. That would mean that there were no white people. What would happen if a world was created that had ambiguous races but all the races looked white? All hell would break loose. This is about Asians screaming MINE, MINE, MINE and less about what the story.

I am mad that Captain America is about to be played by the same actor (who I like) that played the Human Torch. Captain America does not make jokes. Chris Evans just looks like he cracks jokes all the time even when he’s not smiling. He’s NOT Captain America material, but I’m not going to protest this. They made the decision and I’m going to see the film and then decide if I was right or wrong about being weary. It’s not that I think he cannot do it as much as I cannot stand when they use an actor that already had a role in the Marvel Universe (or another superhero). Like Ryan Reynolds who played Deadpool is also going to play the Green Lantern, another he looks like he’s joking when he’s serious actor. Green Lantern isn’t a funny guy like Deadpool. It’s not a great idea. It might work, but that doesn’t mean it needs to. They could have picked someone else. They should have to, but again I’m not going to create a website and whine about it, because it won’t matter. They’ll do as they want and my voice will be lost in the screaming girls that really don’t matter as much as actual fans. Trust me girls as fans is not at all as fun as it might seem…*sigh*

The creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko were interested in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings but they wanted to take a different approach. They love Japanese anime, Hong Kong action and kung fu cinema, yoga, and Eastern philosophies so that had a hand in their creation of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. (Taken from Wikipedia article) But the races, again, are ambiguous. There’s nothing specific, and yet we’re supposed to believe that they are Asian via ambiguity. Okay….

X-Men, Fantastic Four and the Avengers were mainly white when they were first created. (Though the X-Men have Storm, Jubilee, Psylock, Warpath, and Dust to name a few.) There have been no change in the Fantastic Four’s make-up (excluding the times when different characters have taken a specific spot on the team still making up four members; such as Luke Cage who is black) that would add much color, but the X-Men and the Avengers have had teammates of different races. Now think of all the villains for each team and tell me the villains that were a different race outside of white? X-Men have Magneto, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Mojo, The Hellfire Club, Saruon, The Shadow King and the Government…all white or white origin. Wolverine has villains that are Japanese like Lady Deathstrike and the Silver Samurai. The Fantastic Four have Dr. Doom. The Avengers have aliens and many other villains that are for each individual team member but none that are different races outside of the Mandarin for Ironman. There are many different races when dealing with the hero side of this argument, but not many when dealing with the villains. Is there a problem because the majority of the villains for Marvel are white? No. Why should there be? It’s ok to have more white villains but not heroes.

In their “Who We Are” section the pretentious phrase “we cannot in good conscience support…blah blah” is used. When someone says or posts something like that no one in their right mind should take them seriously. It should instantly turn into a joke. Then they go on to say more asinine things:

To publish a casting call seeking actors who are Caucasian or any other ethnicity is contrary to fair hiring practices and an active rejection of full diversity of American people.

Which is in direct contradiction to what they just said previously which was:

The series featured Asian characters in a fantasy setting inspired and informed by a variety of Asian cultures.

So in reality they would have been more pleased if the casting call said, “Seeking ONLY Asians.” Don’t pussyfoot around what you really mean and pretend you’re trying to be an equal opportunity provider with characters that are supposedly racially ambiguous (ick), as if anyone is racially ambiguous. That’s just disgusting. If the creators were insistent on what race their characters were I don’t think there would have been a problem. But they were not; they only state that they favor Asian because that’s what makes up most of what the storyline focuses on.

They have a vision, adorable. OMG my eyes cannot roll in the direction I want them to to show how incredibly ridiculous this website is.

Their vision:
We know we cannot change the casting of The Last Airbender. But this is not the end of our movement.

That was a pointless statement. If they knew that to be the case then they wouldn’t bother, but because they know they cannot win it’s best to state what they wish they could do by stating they know it’s not possible.

We want Paramount Pictures – and all Hollywood studios – to know that supporting and hiring actors of color in prominent roles will help build passionate, devoted audiences. The appeal of Hollywood’s films will expand with greater attention to the face of modern America.

They mean to say supporting and hiring of actors that are not white in roles that are for any race (even specifically white) will help build passionate audiences that are more racist than what we are blaming you for.

Someone should have helped them write this outside of someone with a boring law degree.

Opening a dialogue with grassroots organizations like Racebending.com can and will help studios create enjoyable and profitable entertainment.

They mean to state that they wish they could have done the hiring of the cast because they could have done better job than the stupid foolish Hollywood elite.

We want actors of color to know that there are people out there who support them and want to see them in bigger roles. We want children to know that people of all colors should have the opportunity to be seen as champions. And we are eager to support projects with fair casting practices, utilizing the talents of the many faces of America.

What the hell? If your children need Hollywood to dictate to them what is possible then your children are as dumb as the children of the people that say, “OMG now my kids can see that it’s possible to be President since Obama was elected.” Uhm…who did Obama have to say that about? Oh he just did it because he believed he could? NO way that can’t be possible, he needs someone who was the same color as him to be President to show him it’s possible. What the hell? Do we live in a freakin’ paradox of some kind? The only reason a child is dumb is because the parent is. Grow a brain.

Through open dialogue and grassroots protest, we seek to raise awareness. Through organized boycott and communication with Hollywood representatives, we seek to encourage the creation of television and film that reflect the true richness of American society.

That does not include white people, because we, at Racebending.com, only complain when it’s white people that stomp on us, no other race. Understand? You better. And if you’re half white you best hate that half and only love the richness of your Asian side. Duh.

And the most pointless bit of all is their “Our Members” crap:

We are represented in all facets of America. Our supporters come from all walks of life: concerned parents, students, academics, and industry professionals.

We are an international movement, with vocal activists in forty-nine different countries around the world.

If you want to support the ideal of fair and equal opportunity in American films, then please join us.

Totally pointless and mostly dribble. Let us point out how smart we are for disagreeing with this movie’s casting. Look we are so smart we can afford to be richer than anyone that isn’t as smart as us. And if you don’t support us or agree with us then you don’t want “fair and equal opportunity in American films” you bastard.

I understand that by posting something about a website that I think is stupid (like I think of Current who lies about what they stand for) is directing traffic towards them. I don’t wish to shut them down. That’s just ridiculous. I wish them to become less ignorant and annoying, but that’s like wishing for peace on a planet full of idiots that can’t live with one another because someone likes apple juice more than orange juice. It is funny that they claim to want to bring about racial equality or some crap like that with hiring for acting. What they fail to understand is what acting is. Acting is pretending. Did they know that men pretended to be women to do a play back in Shakespeare’s day? (That is if Shakespeare is actually real because there are some people that just can’t believe someone can be that creative. You know those kind of people…the stuffy logical kind that have nothing better to do than be cynical and hateful).

Acting is pretending to be someone you are not. Use to be it was ok for white people to put on black face and pretend they were black. Sometimes putting on make up and pretending to be Japanese like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Now it’s not ok to do that. Instead it’s only ok to mock a race if you’re a comedian and if you are that race. If you’re not that race, well you better not be mocking anyone else unless that race is white. So white can mock themselves but no one else. Everyone else can mock their race and white people. Especially black comedians, they can mock white people up and down the lame joke ladder, but you best not mess with them cause that’s racist. No that’s not racist you idiot, it’s fair.

Anyway, actors go around and pretend to be all kinds of things. According to Racebending.com grassroots movement they need to find people who are really: blind, deaf, have fought in WWII and are in their twenties, Abraham Lincoln because only he could play himself, zombie, sparkling vampire, princess, alien, singing chipmunks, man with claws that protrude out of his wrist, get their arm cut off, get shot with a shotgun while on a marry-go-round of death and getting raped; cause if it ain’t real—it’s not great acting.

This is just a little of why I don’t like that website. Tune in later when I post the rest of why that website SUCKS. This from your half Japanese half Irish (Jirish) movie critic—because I get to bash Asians, why? Cause I am one. If you don’t like that rule, well more than likely you’re the reason it exists.

*I posted pictures of the characters from fan art I found on www.deviantart.com. (all on first page when searching Airbender) Look how the fans make them look totally Asian. Let me tell you how many Asians I know with blue eyes. Ok that’s it.


Anonymous said...

Hey dumbass how often do you see an Asian American lead a movie...

Anonymous said...

You're half Japanese, right? That means you couldn't have been cast as one of the four leads of this movie. You wouldn't even have had the opportunity to *try* because the casting calls all singled out Caucasians. The best you could be was an extra. You're okay with that?

J_Jammer said...

Wait until I get into my second part of my slaughtering of this obnoxious movement. I will go into what the director said in an interview about the casting and why it happened the way it did.

I went to casting calls before. I went to be an extra in the film Pearl Harbor and didn't get picked. It didn't make me cry that they hate people who are half Japanese. I tried. That was as good as it was going to get. I can't force people to pick me for something they don't think I can do.

You shouldn't force people to pick others that they don't want to work with. You can't implement the archaic thought process of affirmative action onto film sets. That will make Hollywood churn out worse crap than they already are doing.

As for Japanese lead actors--Japan has their own film industry. They have their own movies that they create with mainly Japanese actors. Ever seen Seven Samurai? One of the best movies ever created and it's number 14 on IMDB's top 250. It is a fantastic film. If it was so important to ONLY have Asians in roles in the Last Airbender than the creators of the series and story should have given it to Japan.

Why didn't they? Maybe they were more interested in making as much money as possible and knew that American was the only way to go and so sold the movie rights to Americans in hope for bigger bucks and then pretend to have nothing to do with casting. They had a chance to do casting if they chosen the right people (according to what they wanted with casting--if true) to produce their film version.

I think the term is soldout. Money tends to do that.

Anyway you want some lead actors that are Asian....

Masi Oka
James Kyson-Lee
Yunjin Kim
Daniel Dae Kim

Those are four popular people on TV, not in movies. Why? Because there's not a lot of want for Asian characters in just normal movies. They have to be typecast in films that deal with Samurai or Business men that are ruthless who have no sense of humor.

It's not a problem for me, because I am going to do what I think is best to get that changed. I'm not going to force other people to what I can do myself.

Seen teen shows? They mainly are with white people who are rich and stupid and whorish. The good teen shows don't tromp around in the sex and pretend they are the first to ever do it, but those are very few and most of them don't have minority characters excluding Gilmore Girls, but that wasn't really a teen show.

I understand the problem, I do not like the way these people are trying to fix it. And I refuse to sit and watch them snipe any chance for anyone to get anywhere because they didn't get what they wanted.

J_Jammer said...

Oh and by the way My Name is Khan and 3 Idiots are really great films and I did reviews on them. And what kind of movies are they? Bollywood. Don't tell me that there people HAVE to force anyone to pick a cast they want when there are people willing to do it.

Instead of promoting those that do cast Asians or a diverse cast (whatever the hell that means), this website attacks in the most snide way possible. It's negative. If you want to help progress you're going to have to be positive. Lift people up and point out who is doing what you think is good for the whole (cause you're a smarty pants). Ok? Ok.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're reading into the intentions of the protest movement correctly.

I hate being snippy, but the protest has managed to garner support from people like Roger Ebert, Perry Shen, the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) the Japanese American Citizen's League (JACL) and the East West Players, a theater and acting troupe that was partially founded by the late Mako (who was Uncle Iroh's voice actor until his passing,) as well as members of the show's creative staff like director Giancarlo Volpe and Martial Arts consultant, Sifu Kisu (who has a half-Chinese son, by the way.)

I don't know your attitude or your own experiences, I can't speak for you, but your own ethnicity isn't somehow a litmus test for relevance or correctness, in particular when there are people and groups like the ones I'd listed above who have been seeing racial discrimination in Hollywood for years upon years who support the effort.

J_Jammer said...

You can be snippy if you'd like. But I would rather you actually be relevant.

Listing these people and groups doesn't mean much. They are not better because you think they are. They don't even have relevance in this argument. Relevance comes when you actually have a point and telling me I don't know the intentions while not saying what you think those intentions are isn't doing much but wasting your time.

You wrote three paragraphs to tell me nothing.

Just so you know the voices for the main characters on the cartoon were not Asian.

If these people were serious about being all bent out of shape over race (cause that's how racist work), then maybe they should have started with the show it self.

And I'm not going to be sorry for being snippy. People like you annoy me. The world is only better when you point out the great things, not when you point out the terrible. This group is doing nothing but being negative.

They are not worth existing.

They are weeds in the garden of life.

Anonymous said...

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what did you just say you are allow to throw a temper tantrum and soil your pants in anger just b/c you are are cracker? give me a break cracker you are a typical white boy that call himself asian when it is convenient.

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Anonymous said...

i also love how this half cracker list masi oka as a asian leading actor. talk about grasping at straw.

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Anonymous said...

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your article was a waste of time cracker. it is word after word after word of pointlessness that have 1 point-that it is racist to white ppl to not cast them in avatar. give me a break cracker that is like complaining that you are a man and you are not allow to wear a short skirt a bra and lip stick. grow up cracker.

The Judge said...

I think the last three posts (all clearly written by the same fellow)wins the prize for the most number of times the word "cracker" is used.

Next week's challenge: "Meow"

J_Jammer said...

3 replies within a minutes of each other. Either you're too retarded to have a running thought that would have allowed you to post it all in one, or you have to jump start your brain because your mommy did drugs while you were being incubated.

That's a lot of hot air coming from an anonymous poster.

And a lot of poor wit as well.

Maybe next time you'll use a thesaurus and say saltine a few times instead.

Anonymous said...

just when i think this half cracker retard cannot sink any lower he surprise me again. i read his pathetic comment and he compare this shitty movie that make by m. night shamalamadingdong to a classic by one of the best directer ever. and you still pretend you know movie? give me a break cracker.

you cannot even understand something so basic. the reason why the seven samurai is a all japanese cast is b/c japan is a non diverse country. almost there entire population is japanese so what do you expect cracker?

lol the most absurd part is your arrogance. you write about how you are tearing down racebending and what do you come up with? ranting that sound like you are crying like a little boy after scraping his knee and comparing avatar the last airbender to seven samurai.

lol i am not even sure you ever saw seven samurai you just look in the imdb top 250 and name drop it.

i also want to say that it is useless to call yoruself half japanese as it is obvoius you do not identify for being japanese one bit. face it you are a white boy trap inside a half asian half cracker body. the most you know about japan is prolly sushi and anime that is it.

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Anon said...

I'll agree that there is a disgusting amount of hate towards white people in the entire racebending.com movement. As much as they try to hide it the fact is that they are promoting diversity as 'everyone except white people' and for entirely arbitrary reasons.

I've heard people make hateful comments, racist comment and even just plain old exclusionary comments (ie. white people should stay away from this movie, they're not wanted).
It's opened my eyes to the fact that discrimination against whites is as real as discrimination towards blacks or discrimination towards Asians, the only differences is white people don't get to complain about it because on some level non-whites feel white people DESERVE it and have managed to convince a frightening amount of white people that they DO. From racebending.com to blogs like 'what white people do' there seems to be a disturbing amount of minorities attempting at every turn to blame white people for their problems: 'Asians didn't get hired for a lead role, that must mean white people are racist against Asians' to to simultaneously attempt to convince white people that they have an obligation to boost minorities or help minorities for whatever reason and if they don't they are filthy racists.
To be honest, being half white and half black I'm absolutely appalled by the hypocrisy I've seen since this whole things started. When diversity in America translates to 'everyone but white people allowed' then I have a problem. For a race being accused of being the most racist and discriminatory I've seen nowhere near the level of hate from whites that I have seen from minorities against whites. Absolutely disgusting.

J_Jammer said...

You sound worse than Jesse Jackson and his woe is me I'm a black man cry-athons.

You remind me of a fake black guy from Current, but that could be because he was racist and you're a racist. Who uses that term but a racist?

Anyway I own that movie. But since you are a stalker, you already knew that.

It's a good thing I struck a nerve, because you prove that your side has nothing to defend itself with. If you're the best they have to offer, they might as well just fall on a sword or something. It would be the honorable thing to do in your crappy situation--even though it's totally self inflected.

Anonymous said...

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these cracker see every movie that have white male lead character including THIS MOVIE but they cry foul when ppl dont want those cracker to hog the whole pie. now THAT is the disgusting part cracker.

J_Jammer said...


I'm glad I'm not the only multi-person who feels that way about what is going on.

Anonymous said...

"You remind me of a fake black guy from Current, but that could be because he was racist and you're a racist. Who uses that term but a racist? "

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The Judge said...

This message thread now brought to you by Keebler. Makers of fine foods and snacks including ice cream cones, chocolate chips, cookies, vanilla wafers, and of course, crackers.

Keebler: Uncommonly made. Uncommonly good.


J_Jammer said...

Thank you for repeating my whole comment back to me though your idiot speak.

The Judge said...

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Really good crackers.

Anonymous said...

Same guy as before.

One, the cracker guy needs to shut up, that doesn't help anybody. That idiot up there is in no way representative of the people behind the protest.

Two, you're pretty set in your opinion, and given the level of hate and anger in your post and subsequent comments, I doubt me, or anybody else from the movement coming in and going back and forth in the comments here is going to be worth much to change your stance.

That said, I'll at least say this last thing: the idea that we can progress by ignoring negative things is wishful thinking, as is the idea that acknowledging race or recognizing racism is somehow inherently racist on it's own. Treating something like race as something transient only opens up the opportunity for things like this to happen.

And the idea that the voice actors are also somehow a race problem is absurd. Voice is a product of language, not ethnicity or race. By that logic, casting Bart Simpson for a live action movie should include middle aged women because that's who voices him.

Person C said...

Um, you're wrong. On multiple accounts.

(1) Let's start with the fact that 70% of the racebending movement is white people. But of course, what you got out of the "Our Members" section was not that the supporters of the movement come from a diverse racial backgrounds, but that we are "smart" and "rich," none of which is even presented in the text.

(2) The movement has no desire to make white people suffer. We are not out to protest every movie out there that has a white protagonist: we are protesting a particular Hollywood casting trend that appropriates non-Western cultures (specifically Asian) and the fact that they didn't even CONSIDER let alone hire actors of color for the three main leads. This trend has been around FOREVER.

(2) "What would happen if a world was created that had ambiguous races but all the races looked white? All hell would break loose."

Have you heard of Lord of the Rings? Multiple raced-characters, all white (by which I mean, not even like a black dwarf or something)? Did all hell break loose?

Why in the world do the characters suddenly become racially ambiguous when they weren't intended to be white like they are in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Is there something ambiguous about the fact that the two Water Tribe characters, Sokka and Katara are BROWN and their actors in the movie are WHITE?

(3)"What they fail to understand is what acting is. Acting is pretending.Did they know that men pretended to be women to do a play back in Shakespeare’s day?"

You understand that black face is not ok but pretending to be Asian (even without the paint) is somehow ok with you?

(4) There were black slaveowners back then too. Your racial makeup doesn't stop you from doing racist things, just ask M. Night.

(5) And these actors that you listed?

"Masi Oka
James Kyson-Lee
Yunjin Kim
Daniel Dae Kim"

None of them are the leads of their TV shows. They are always second-best.

J_Jammer said...

LOTR is not the only all white cast. So was Death at a Funeral, Memento, X-Men, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid....and the list goes on and on. You're right there have been movies with the cast being all or mainly white and there hasn't been death. It's actually possible. Therefore there's nothing stopping from that happening again..except for the lack of reasoning on Racebending's part.

If voice acting isn't held to the same standards as acting then you have no ground to stand on. If Tia in the Princess and the Frog were voiced by a white girl instead of a black girl you think black people would be ok with it? Really? Don't pull this BS with me.

Then you go and say that a woman can voice a little boy no problem...that's right there is no problem because it's acting. But I'm not the one with the problem of who plays who in this situation, you people are.

The Avatar cartoon was voiced by white actors and where was Racebending then? NOWHERE. They have zero ground other than the pretentious one they created out thin air.

AGAIN...the characters were NEVER stated as Asian. Not even in the cartoon. The assumption is led be the fact that the world was Asian related. The creators and voice actors can say whatever they want, the evidence is not that apparent. If they wanted it to be, then maybe they should have made it strictly such instead of giving their characters tan looking skin and blue eyes and white voices.

I am very grounded in this idea that I am right. VERY grounded. Why? Because I've seen enough of this race crap to know that any group that stands behind a single race is almost always wrong.

I have rented the Avatar series to watch and I'm watching it right now (paused for the moment) and as I had already predicted...I like it. But as I watch the three main characters that people are bickering over---Asian isn't the race that comes to mind as it does with the other characters they encounter.

If anger is placed then the creators deserve it. They allowed there to be wiggle room. They allowed there to be a racial problem.

Will Smith as Captain America. Some people could see it. But the problem there is that Captain America is no doubt white with blond hair and blue eyes.

That cannot be said for the the three main characters. They don't even have slanted eyes like some of the other characters. If you're going to deny what makes an Asian person look Asian (in this case excluding Indian), then why feel offended when a film adaptation goes by what you created?

As for the actors I mentioned: they have been leads in their TV shows. Nice lie, but don't try to pass that off as truth when I'm here. I watch both Lost and Heroes and they've had plenty of episodes where they shine brighter than any other character. And now that there's Flasforward there's more. And for a season or so there was House.

And it's not about ignoring the negative. It's about showing what's good so that others can see what is the "right" (or in this case pretentious) way of doing things. Give an idea of what movies and TV shows are doing it "right". Have they done that? Not a chance....cause that would show how belittling they have been to any actor who is Asian in America.

Anonymous said...

"I am very grounded in this idea that I am right. VERY grounded."

hahahahahahaha can you belief the ego from this cracker?

you are so desperate for those character in avatar to be white that you even defend it by saying the creater of the show deserve fault for leaving 'wiggle room'. in other word after straw grasping and throwing shit at a wall and hoping it will stick you think you finaly find something.

what arrogance from you cracker that you want to show us what is 'right'. you give yourself too much credit cracker and you are in love with yourself far too much cracker. get real cracker do you think we will stop what we are doing just b/c a childish little boy typing in fury in his own blog say so? you have no sense of reality cracker. let me be the person to tell you ppl do not have apifany when reading the ranting of a immature brat using the same tire old argument that we been destroying for the past year cracker.

face it cracker you been saying nothing that ppl will see as new or any thing that will change a person mind. you are saying the same junk as before exept you have a more whiny tone. your entire argument is childish at best cracker-like blaming the creater for giving 'wiggle room'. yes those creater must be sorry they did not draw aang having a name tag calling himself asian so a racist white boy like you cannot dream up more excuse. face it cracker they do not need to indulge racist buffoon like you.

my problem abotu you is not simply the content-juvenile and rehash garbage. my problem is your arrogance. it is one thing to write juvenile and rehash argument it is another to be so arrogant to expect us to change our mind after reading yoru shit. it is insulting actualy. you actualy write that shit and imply it is a stronger argument that we been giving and expect it to change our mind? lmao. this is a perfect case of the emperer have no clothe.

J_Jammer said...

Haha you talk about insulting as you insult. Not only are you a hypocrite you're a liar. Best combo. I could care less if you or anyone else agrees. I do not share to get fans. Sorry. I also do not ever ask to shut down a movie let alone a website.

Think as you wish, it sure has given you all kinds of happy.

Anonymous said...

what combo you talking about? i lie about nothing you retard cracker. is it a lie to call you a stupid cracker? i dont think so cracker.

J_Jammer said...

It's a lie to use insulting. It's a lie to use anonymous when everyone knows who you are...

Anonymous said...

lol the cracker is still trying to throw shit at the wall hoping something stick. what a sad cracker.

J_Jammer said...

And you keep coming back to run into my fist. It's funny.

Riz said...

I believe that The Racist arse that's posting here is non other then JohnWilson from imdb. He has been banned and reported many times but sadly comes back with different names. Now he is pushing his trash talk onto your blog.

In fact I think he has another name that he has recently used on imdb. It's "verybignose" found here:

This person never changes the way he speaks/types. It's always the same thing over and over again. John is a pest that should be ignored. Do not respond to him/her. In my opinion John gets a kick out of being a jerk and enjoys pissing ppl off. So if it's possible ignore him or delete his posts.

I would also like to read prt2 of your rant ;)


Now I am only assuming it's him considering you put your blog url on a thread that he has been commenting on. I know he would NOT pass the opportunity to trash talk on another website. He just can't help himself ;/

~ Riz ~

J_Jammer said...

Second part will new posted by the end of Saturday.

Thanks for the heads u on the looney poster.

Anonymous said...

Bryan K and Mike DM watned to give the cartoon and characters an authentic Asian look. They spent several months in China taking photos, doing research to get even the smallest detail right in their cartoon. They even studied and still study the Chinese forms of Kung Fu that the bending styles are based on.

You can say this defined the show and is what made it great.

This is much more than what I can say for MNight... only thing he did was rip-off the story from a cartoon and butcher it.

Donald said...

Sounds like your angry.

Does it upset you when people refer to Asians in the following way?
"Authentic Asians make great set pieces."
"If you're Korean, then where a Kimono."

blakinsey said...

The blue eyes argument is completely irrelevant, all characters in the show from the water tribe have blue eyes. You should watch the show before you bash racebending. You missed the complete point of the website. It is not about punishing white people. The creators have said themselves that the main character was based on an Asian member of the crew. The culture of the show heavily implies Asian characters, fromt the written language(looks like Chinese), to the clothing, architecture, customs, philosophies(Buddhism and Taoism). White voice actors don't make characters white, Bart Simpson is voiced by a woman and Samurai Jack(Japanese) is voiced by a black man.

J_Jammer said...

Yeah he butchered it...it hasn't even come out yet. Try again.

Angry would be forming a protest and tell people what to think. I'm not Racebending.com. Also I don't care how ignorant people are about someone else's culture. They can't know everything and if they're open to alter their thinking when they're told they are wrong...then why should it bother me?

Blue eyes is relevant. If they were really Asian they wouldn't have blue eyes. I know why they have blue eyes. I've seen the series and love it. But you can't say something authentic when it's missing something very important to make it so...BROWN eyes. Blond hair blue eyes was what the Nazis used to dictate others were not perfect. Why would a cartoon based on Asians have to use Blue eyes when brown is sufficient? For artistic merit? Was it because they want there to be a difference than skin color? Great, now they are doing the same thing with eye color that is done with skin color. Them picking blue eyes isn't a problem. Them stating that it's Asian Authentic when it's not...is. Moving on....

White voice actors don't make it Asian Authentic. That's the point, maybe before you say I don't get the point (when I do---I'm being just as stupidly nitpicky as Racebending) you should admit to not knowing my point or bothering to try. That way you can at least show you know you're being hypocritical. Then I won't have to type it.

You're telling me this about Bart and Samurai Jack because I'm the one that has problem with race? I'm sorry, you must have got this site confused with Racebending.com. I don't care who plays what character as long as they do it well. I'm not the one that ignorantly states Zuko isn't a villain. He is...the ENTIRE first season and most of the second. It's not until the third where he starts to really shift to being good. I knew he was the firebending teacher the moment he started wavering in the second season.

Do any of you have anything else to add that will actually make Racebending look right? Cause I continue to see why they should be considered hacks. Sweet talking hacks, but hacks none-the-less.

Anonymous said...

J_Jammer, you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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