New 'Doctor Who' Premieres in UK

So was anyone across the pond watching the premiere of the new season of  Doctor Who? Us poor colonists won't get a chance to see the new season of the world's longest running science fiction TV show until later on this month.

According to the numbers, 8 million UK viewers tuned in to watch Matt Smith replace David Tennant as the 11th Doctor in the series. This is the same number of viewers who tuned in when Tennant "regenerated" into the role replacing Christopher Eccleston in 2005.

Scanning the Facebook group, it looks like reviews are mixed, but meet expectations:

"when I saw the 9th Doctors first episode I wasn't sold on him and I missed the old series. when I saw the 10th Doctor for the first time I wasn't sold on him and I missed the 9th Doctor. Now seeing the 11th Doctor for the first time, I'm not sold on him and I miss the 10th Doctor." Said one fan.

Sinclair McKay of the UK's Daily Mail said Sunday, "By the end of the episode, in his tweed jacket and bow tie, like an Indie-band Professor Quatermass, you have forgotten all about his illustrious predecessor. Indeed, Smith might turn out to be one of the best Time Lords of the lot.'

Matthew Bell from the Observer concurred:

Matt Smith fights aliens. He wears tweed. He loves custard. He is the Doctor. And he might be more the Doctor than anyone who was the Doctor before.

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