Josh Whedon to Direct Avengers movie - In Talks

According to Yahoo News Josh Whedon (creator/writer/director of "Firefly" and movie adaptation Serenity) is getting really close to being the director of Marvel's Avenger movie.

Avengers is a team of heroes that consists of Iron Man (2 movies, 2nd released this year: 2010), Captain American (will have a movie a 2011), Thor (will have a movie in 2011), Ant Man, Wasp, the Vision, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and the Hulk. That is who's supposed to be on the team, who's going to be in the movie? Totally different list, probably. I don't think it's possible to have Scarlet Witch without her twin Quicksilver. Plus they are the children of Magneto who is the villain of the X-Men. Had Marvel decided to eek out an origin's film about Magneto they could have introduced the twins and then have them appear in The Avengers and have another cool tie-in.

Back to Josh freakin' cool. "Firefly" shows how well Whedon can work with different characters and bring about a wonderful display of personality as well as biting sarcasm and wit. All of which are very important for a team movie like The Avengers. Especially with characters like Iron Man, Ant Man and Quicksilver (should he be in it), three very strong personalities who think they know the right way anywhere. Captain America can be part of that strong personality group, but he tends to be more level headed and calm.

The Avengers will assemble on the screen and astound everyone. Marvel will once again show DC how to showcase earth's mightiest heroes, and when DC decides to unleash Justice League of America on the world, it'll have to be beyond wonder, more powerful than super and far more grittier than any dinky old mildew-ridden bat cave.

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