Weekend Box Office Recap

"Alice in Wonderland" held on to the number one spot in the box office this weekend, with newcomers Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Bounty Hunter, and Repo Men taking up positions 2 - 4.

Despite Sony's hope that this would be a top choice for couples, "Bounty Hunter" is getting killed in the reviews. Rotten Tomatoes currently pegs it at a miniscule 9%. Frank Sweitek from the website One Guys Opinion called it, "A real dog...another in the apparently endless stream of rotten road-movie rom-coms being cranked out by Hollywood. "

Roger Ebert put it simply: "Here is a film with no need to exist."

The biggest loser of the weekend goes to Summit Entertainment's "Remember Me." It premiered last week at #5 and fell 59% from its previous numbers to land at the bottom of the list this week.

Gosh, does this mean Robert Pattinson can only expect to be a big star if he plays brooding, glittery emo-vamps? It sure looks that way.

Here's the top ten according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (1) Alice in Wonderland $34,509,000
2 (new) Diary of a Wimpy Kid $21,800,000
3 (new) The Bounty Hunter $21,000,000
4 (new) Repo Men $6,151,240
5 (3) She's Out of My League $6,015,000
6 (2) Green Zone $5,962,940
7 (4) Shutter Island $4,755,000
8 (7) Avatar $4,000,000
9 (6) Our Family Wedding $3,800,000
10 (5) Remember Me $3,278,000

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