Studios Upping Cost of 3D Ticket Prices

Hollywood's latest gimmick to squeeze money from consumers is getting even greedier.

According to the Wall Street Journal, ticket prices for films presented in 3D will be increasing in most markets, effective today. None of these increases have been officially announced, of course. They're just sneaking up the prices in the hopes that no one will notice.

And as /Film reports, the costs are going up significantly:
Media analyst Richard Greenfield surveyed ten markets, and found that on average 3D prices are rising 8%, while 3D IMAX prices are increasing by an almost 10% average. 2D showings, by contrast, are jumping only (ahem) 4% on average.

Are you willing to pay $15 for the privilege of seeing a movie in 3D?  How about $20? And what if the movie sucks? Do you think you could get your money back if you decided that the movie wasn't worth the price of the ticket? Yeah, lotsa luck with that.

What are your thoughts? 

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