“She’s Out of My League” Has an Almost Avenger

Genres: Comedy and Romance
Running Time: 1 hr. 45 min.
Release Date: March 12th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for language and sexual content.
Distributors: DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures

Directed by: Jim Field Smith

JJ Rating: B+

See it again: Yes.
Own it: Most likely
Convince others to see it: Ones that are guys and have guy friends that remind me of characters in the film…sure.

Kirk (Jay Baruchel) happens upon Molly’s (Alice Eve) phone. Molly requests him to bring it to her when she returns to town. He does. They date and things start rolling…that is until Kirk’s friends start coming up with reasons why a hot girl and an ok guy cannot work. What was working well for him starts to wobble due to doubt and his now jealous ex. She’s Out of My League.

I had expectations that were so-so. Rotten Tomatoes was panning it and I wasn’t hearing much good. I didn’t see all the trailers, but I knew what it was about and was somewhat excited. She’s Out of My League amused me. It was clichéd as it could be in many areas and there were many areas where it was different enough to make it good.

Kirk and Molly do end up having an argument at a clichéd time, but the argument itself was not at clichéd. It was clever. They argued about who was in the right and what the other did that was wrong, and the great thing was they both had very good points. Normally an argument like this is really one sided, as in the woman is in the right and the man has to crawl back, but that isn’t necessarily what happened here. I really liked that aspect. Then there were the unique scenes dealing with trimming in the nethers, the dog licking cream off of pants, being truthful about not standing up to greet her parents and the awkward moment after a big speech. I would also add the bowling alley scenes were fantastic. It’s bad etiquette to bowl at the same time as the lane on either side of you. They address the silliness of that quite well.

It’s funny that I tend to find stupid reviews of movies, but this one person (non-paid critic) stated that they were sick of gay clichés. Ok, well I’m sick of people over using the word cliché. It’s not like cliché is a bad thing, it’s only bad if it’s used in a terrible manner, which I guess would be considered a cliché manner? Maybe. Well, I think that life is a big-fat cliché. So, whatever oversensitive non-paid critic, don’t like gay jokes then I hope you don’t use the term breeder. Talk about clichéd…speaking about papier-mâché, maybe someone should papier-mâché your nostrils and your mouth all at the same time. It would solve a few problems, one being you. =)

She’s Out of My League might have a future Avenger in it’s cast, Mike Vogel (far right in picture) is one of the rumors to play Captain America. I hope so. He defiantly looks like a Captain America. He isn’t as tall, but they can CGI that. If they can CGI cinematography and win an Oscar…by golly they can CGI height and have one freakin’ cool Captain America.

She’s Out of My League is a fun movie. It’s not outstanding, it’s just fun. Jay Baruchel is awkward and lanky but perfect for what he did. He made Kirk someone to root for while at the same time hide behind the popcorn in embarrassment over his early release. Everyone did their part to make the film enjoyable. I would see it again and laugh. It’s what they wanted to make, I’m sure, a good solid comedy that didn’t push the boundaries too much with over the top TMI (too much information) will bring them a nice return and please many moviegoers.

If I didn’t already mention this…Mike Vogel SHOULD BE Captain America.

That is all.

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