Screenwriter Apologises for "Battlefield Earth"

"Battlefield Earth" recently won the Razzie award for worst movie of the decade. Original screenwriter (before he was fired) J.D. Shapiro accepted the award in person and in today's New York Times, formally appologized to everyone for writing it.

There are so many interesting tidbits buried in this article. Like how Shapiro joined the cult Church of Scientology to get laid. Or how John Travolta called the story "The Shindler's List of sci-fi."

But my favorite part is Shapiro's description of the "purification process" he went through at Scientology's headquaters in LA:

You go to CC every day, take vitamins and go in and out of a sauna so toxins are released from your body. You're supposed to reach an "End Point." I never did, but I was bored so I told them I had a vision of L. Ron. They said, "What did he say?" "Pull my finger," was my response. They said I was done.

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