Not Enough Fanboy Representation?

Brent Lang over at The Wrap argues that with "Iron Man 2" being the only blockbuster film for the genre, the box office will suffer financially from a lack of fanboy-targeted films this Summer.

There are ten films that are reboots or sequels of other films scheduled to open this season, but they will apparently be appealing to kids (Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever After) and women (Sex and the City 2, Twilight Eclipse), leaving the male, geeky, sci-fi fanatic to either watch Iron Man 2 for the 80th time, or secretly sneak into a theater showing the Twilight sequel.

Paramount's Iron Man sequel may be the only big budget popcorn flick for male teens with too much time on their hands this Summer season, but part of that reason is the fact that films of the same genre are scared shitless by the franchise that's made over $600 million off the first film. Everyone is expecting the sequel to hit big - maybe not "Dark Knight" big, but certainly big enough to dominate the other films at the box office for several weeks.

And if its the only gig in town for the demographic that spends a significant portion of their parents cash going to movies, Iron Man 2 could make even more money.

Personally, I've really grown tired of the constant stream of comic-book adaptations and obvious pandering to Gen-X childhood nostalgia that has been going on. Does Hollywood really need to churn out MORE uncreative re-writes of stuff we've already seen, just because it may have a built-in audience?

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