New "Eclipse" Trailer Reaction

The latest teaser trailer for the upcoming "Twilight: Eclipse" film came out this morning.

But instead of showing the clip with the usual dramatic sounds shirtless hunks and horridly cheesy lines of dialog, I'd rather show the reaction to the trailer from a rabid fangirl:

1 comment:

J_Jammer said... Not good.


I can't...I tried for a minute and then the screaming started and reminded me of why it's logical to state girls are crazy and boys just play in the mud and talk about video games and how girl's should wear no clothes....NOT scream in a video. Maybe a guy should do a reaction video to a porn...*sigh*

I'm pretty sure there's videos out there like that, but that's beside the point.

I can't even think of a moment in my lifetime that I was that overbearing with excitement. I love X-Men and the movies were awesome (I understand how that's stretching it for some). The first one I saw 4 times opening weekend....but I wasn't screaming like someone had my balls in a vice.

In this case men are from Mars and women are from a galaxy far, far away where it's ok to have sparkling vampires that are not gay. I'll never get it. Don't think I want to.

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