How Not to be a Douchebag This Wednesday

The day of drunken vulgarity is a mere two days away. Of course, I am talking about St. Patrick's Day: An excuse for everyone to sodomize the culture of Ireland by wearing stupid hats, throwing insensitive racial slurs around and drinking green beer until they puke. Oh what a wonderful way to honor a culture!

Last year, I posted an article written by Danny O'Boyle titled "Why I hate St Patrick's Day:"

Face it folks, Jews don’t have a holiday on which they wear plastic big noses and stuff their pockets with play money and African-Americans don’t sponsor a tap dancing and watermelon festival. So why do the Irish take their worst stereotypes, set them to music, and dance to them? I don’t know what Irish-Americans think they are doing on St. Patrick’s Day, but it has nothing to do with Ireland.

If you have a minute, I strongly suggest reading Danny's article. It may actually get you to think twice about what you are planning on doing.

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