“Cop Out” A Lazy Sunday Moive

Genres: Action/Adventure and Comedy
Runtime: 1hour 47 minutes
Release Date: February 26th, 2010 (wide)
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Directed by: Kevin Smith

JJ Rating: B

Two crazy cops do their job the way they want get suspended for not following procedures. They continue as cops because of a stolen baseball card that’ll pay for a wedding. Cop Out.

It’s an overdone “SNL” skit with a deadly runtime. Even with a weak storyline there were times I laughed out loud, because it does have some great scenes that are not solely show in the trailer. Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis is an odd couple with lack of connection. Their comedic timing is different and that caused any meshing that was to happen to not happen. Tracy Morgan and Seann William Scott were the main reason I laughed a few times throughout the film. Their ability to deliver lines was enough to have me laughing loudly.

Putting Seann William Scott and Tracy Morgan in another film together sans Bruce Willis would be a fantastic idea. They feed off one another so well that surely it created great outtakes.

The storyline was thin (hence the SNL comment) and they stretched it out for almost 2 hours. There moments where I did not laugh as much as I had hoped. I look forward to this film. I do not want to be underwhelmed as I was.

Cop Out did not have as many LOL moments as I anticipated. There were several good laughs, not enough for me to fall in love with it. I learned that Bruce Willis should just stick to action; even though he had one really good scene where he was tasered; it was not good enough to show he’s a good comedic actor. Tracy Morgan is an entertaining actor that probably could read the phone book altering his voice and still be hilarious. Cop Out is ok. It’s not spectacular and it’s not a necessity for any filmgoer to see. It’s a film that on a future lazy Sunday when it plays on TV, people will get sucked into it, and then wonder where did their afternoon go?

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