Clash of the Titans: Epic Failure?

I was skeptical that a believable remake of a memorable movie from the 80's would be possible. It's hard not to see this as anything more than a lame attempt to pander to the target demographic's nostalgia for huge science fiction flicks from their youth.  And when Warner Bros. announced that it was going to take the already-in-the-can remake and bum-rush it through a process to make it 3D in hopes of fleecing a few more dollars out of ignorant viewers, I was even more weary that this film wasn't going to live up to the marketing hype.

Now that opening day is almost upon us, the early reviews are starting to trickle in and it sounds like it's exactly as I predicted it would be: utter crap.

Duncan from Den of Geek got a chance to see "Titans" at a press screening last night. And as expected, the 3D conversion that Warner Bros. had to have has failed miserably:

Talking to other audience members there were a couple of scenes specifically adapted to be in ‘proper’ 3D, but the difference was negligible and the rest of the film just looked darker and foggier as a result of the tint in the glasses. I have never been so insulted by such a criminal intent to rob the public, so to any studio who attempt to cash in on the success of other, better films with this technique: don't.

Of course, negative reviews of the film and the piss-poor 3D conversion will do little to stop the ball that's already rolling. All of Warner Bros. Summer tentpole films are going to be in 3D and it seems like every movie scheduled to come out in the next 10 months will be hopping on the bandwagon anyway.

James Cameron warned that this is a terrible idea. Hell, even Michael Bay was not convinced that it was worth it. But the studios perservered in spite of the bad press and now they are going to force feed these foggy, dark, cheap looking 3D conversions down our throats until every last cent can be squeezed out of the gimmick.

No doubt Jay Jammer will be reviewing Clash of the Titans when it comes out this weekend, but if you want to get a head start on the disappointment, read Duncan's full review here.

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