Yet Another Reboot: Jaws in 3D?

Just when I thought Hollywood was reaching the bottom of the barrel of bad ideas comes the news that Universal *MAY* be planning to do a reboot of the Jaws franchise.

And of course, it will be in....wait for it...THREE DEE!

OK, never mind the fact that they already did a Jaws sequel in 3D in 1983 and it was the absolute worst film of the bunch. Other than giving Denis Quaid his first leading role, the nicest thing Variety could say about the movie at the time was that it was "surprisingly tepid."

But Cinema Blend is reporting that a contact of theirs at Universal says that the studio is strongly considering a remake of the shark movie using the new 3D technology to hook younger audiences that may not be jaded or jilted by the terrible shark movies of the 80's:

Their claim is that people now expect more, visually, from their movie going experience. So, Hollywood studios are inclined to take some of their tried and true franchise names like Jaws and bring them into the 3D world.

I disagree. Studios are not that concerned with what the people want. They just want to make money. Since 3D appears to be is the new wonderful way to squeeze more money out of consumers, Universal wants to hop on the bandwagon with everyone else.

If studios are really interested in giving audiences something more for their box office experience, how about making movies with good stories and intelligent dialog, rather than just throwing shit at the lens and expect people to pay extra to see and be wowed by it?

But wait, it gets worse:

Our insider says Tracy Morgan was at one point being considered for the part of Matt Hooper, previously played by Richard Dreyfuss. While it’s uncertain whether that’s still the plan, it does indicate that they seem to be taking a more comedic direction with the part.

Tracy Morgan? So they want to make it a zany comedy? Way to beat a dead fish, guys.

CB is quick to disclaim that its just a rumor from an unverified contact of theirs, but it's enough to get the wheels spinning in the industry.
Honestly, this seems too out-of-left-field to be true, and almost smells like a studio that's trolling for audience interest, rather than anything that's actually in the works.

If anything comes from this, we'll keep you posted, but my guess is that unless they're fast-tracking this idea right now, the 3D craze will be dead by the time they actually get this flounder into production.

OK, that's enough fish references for one article.

What are your thoughts? Would you pay a premium on top of a regular movie ticket to see a 3D remake of Jaws? Post your comments below.

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