Weekend Box Office Recap

Paramount's "Shutter Island" wins the box office race this weekend, earning $40.2 million according to studio estimates released on Sunday. Avatar, which had been in 4th place last week actually got bumped up a notch to third, behind "Valentines Day" which, inexplicably is still on the list.

I had a hard time picking the biggest loser this weekend. Four films in the top ten fell more than 50% from its previous weekend numbers, and two films fell more than 60%. In the end, Warner Bros. "Valentines Day" beat out Universal's "The Wolf Man" in the race to the bottom.

Yes, I did say last week to expect "Valentines Day" "to completely disappear off the top ten list and reappear in the discount rack next to the check out stand at the grocery store by this time next week." I may have been a little presumptious, but not by much. I underestimated just how bad the other films in the top ten were and as a result, "VD" stays on the list. But don't worry, it will be a distant memory soon enough.

Here's the top ten according to studio estimates:

1 (new) Shutter Island $40,200,000
2 (1) Valentine's Day $17,160,000
3 (4) Avatar $16,100,000
4 (3) Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief $15,300,000
5 (2) The Wolf Man $9,846,265
6 (5) Dear John $7,300,000
7 (6) The Tooth Fairy $4,500,000
8 (9) Crazy Heart $3,025,000
9 (7) From Paris With Love $2,500,000
10 (10) When in Rome $1,747,000

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