Weekend Box Office Recap

Despite the fact that its a terrible movie (Rotten Tomatoes rates it at a scrawny 15%) thousands of deseperate teenagers and hopeless, mindless romantic idiots took their sweethearts to the cliche-ridden romantic comedy "Valentine's Day," which easily won the made up holiday weekend. I guess taking your date to a movie about Valentines day is a hell of a lot easier than actually talking to them or putting any thought into something special. Expect this movie to completely disappear off the top ten list and reappear in the discount rack next to the check out stand at the grocery store by this time next week.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians" took second, while the much delayed "Wolfman" finally makes its debut at the box office in third place. Had this been October, when it was originally scheduled to be released, Universal could have seen some serious profit from the reboot of their werewolf franchise. Now all they can hope for is a third place showing, being beaten out by a hideously formulaic rom com and a lame, Harry Potter knock off. Way to fail, fellas.

Here's the top 10 for the weekend, according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (new) Valentine's Day $52,410,000
2 (new) Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief $31,100,000
3 (new) The Wolf Man $30,626,721
4 (2) Avatar $22,000,000
5 (1) Dear John $15,300,000
6 (5) The Tooth Fairy $5,600,000
7 (3) From Paris With Love $4,740,000
8 (4) Edge of Darkness $4,585,000
9 (8) Crazy Heart $4,000,000
10 (6) When in Rome $3,429,000

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