Tarantino on Larry King

Last week we commented about how Miramax head Harvey Weinstein feels confident that Quentin Tarentino's film "Inglorious Basterds" is going to walk away with the oscar for best picture. (see the article entitled "Harvey Weinstein Has Lost His Mind").

This past week on Larry King, Quentin spoke about his chances for best picture and it seems like he perhaps didnt drink quite as much cool-aid as ol Harv. Tarantino also offered his thoughts about best director and best screenplay, as well as his feelings about Christoph Waltz, without whom (in my opinion) "Basterds" would not have been nearly as good.

Here's Quentin:

What are your thoughts on this? Does Inglorious Basterds deserve to win best picture or is this just a valliant attempt by a dying studio to grab as much publicity as they can while circling the drain?

Photo credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

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