Light Saber Battle: "Ryan vs Dorkman 2"

The light saber: the quintessential icon of the Star Wars cannon. From the moment I first saw old Ben and Darth clash sabers on the big screen, I was hooked on the simplistic beauty of a weapon like this - something that combines an ancient martial art form with science fiction fantasy. Sure, George Lucas stoled borrowed about as much as one possibly could from the work of Akira Kurasawa to concoct his little sci-fi saga, but that doesn't detract from the magic that Lucas was able to put on the big screen, mixing old ideas with futuristic technology to tell his story.

Sadly, the technology doesn't yet exist to create such a weapon, not to mention there's some serious impracticality to a blade of pure energy that can cut steel like butter, yet doesn't have so much as a simple hand guard for the wielder. But it hasnt stopped people from wanting to create one anyway.

Over the years I've seen many light saber duels - most of them pretty terrible. But this one definitely caught my attention.

Sure, they're "telegraphing" their moves, but the creativity of the choreography, complexity of the video editing, special effects and music all do a really good job of compensating for any flaws.

I don't know the back story (nor do I care). All I know is that these two guys have come up with a fight scene that is creative, compelling and downright entertaining to watch.

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