Harvey Weinstein Has Lost His Mind

Head of Miramax Harvey Weinstein has entered the realm of batshit crazy, thanks to his comments about the upcoming academy awards.

In an interview with Pete Hammond of the LA Times, Ol Harv is CONVINCED that "Inglorious Basterds" will win best picture.

"This is the movie people love and it's Quentin's time. We are going for it and we are gonna get it."

"Look, best director may be a question — and you can quote me on that — but we won the SAG award for best ensemble, actors are the biggest branch in the academy and they love the movie."

Apparently, Harvey thinks that this year will be similar to 2005, when "Crash" won best picture over "Brokeback Mountain," "Capote," "Goodnight and Good Luck," and "Munich" and the sound of jaws hitting the red carpet were heard all over Hollywood. Harvey also thinks that the new "preferential balloting" system the academy is using - whereby academy members pick the best picture by grouping the films in order from 10 to 1, rather than just picking the winner outright - will give "Basterds" an advantage that it wouldnt normally have had.

I liked "Inglorious Basterds." I really did. It was a fun, entertaining movie, done in a typical Tarantino-esque over-the-top style. But best picture? I dont think so.

Personally I think Harvey has gone 'round the bend, but what do I know?

What are your thoughts?

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