Cameron on "Titans" in 3D: 'not the way to do it'

In an interview with James Horowitz at MTV, James Cameron was asked what he thought about the way 3D has become the new buzz word in cinema.

Then Horowitz asked Cameron what he thought about the studio's decision to convert the already shot "Clash of the Titans" into 3D.

Mr Cameron is none too pleased:

"'s just not the way to do it, if you want to make a movie in 3D, make the movie in 3D! And by the way, it should be a filmmaker driven process, not a studio driven process. I've been telling filmmakers for the last five years, [there's] this whole new way to paint, a whole new set of colors, and they've all kind of hung back. Now it's getting crammed down from above, and people are getting told to make movies in 3D, and it should've been the other way around, they should've been banging on the doors of the studio saying, 'I want to make a movie in 3D, let me do it!' And it didn't happen."

Cameron has said what I''ve been saying all along. (see my comments about 3D here, here, and here.)

Here's the full interview if you're interested:

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