"24" Headed to the Big Screen?

20th Century Fox has hired "State of Play" writer Billy Ray to pen an adaptation of the TV show "24" for the big screen.

According to Variety, Ray pitched the idea of Jack Bauer going to Europe to fight bad guys and save the world to the powers that be at FOX and they liked it Keifer Sutherland who is an exec. producer on the show is also said to be interested in the concept.

The rumblings of turning 24 into a feature are aptly timed but have been rumored to be going on for years. Ratings for the TV show have been steadily declining and as of right now, the series does not have a commitment for a 9th season. FOX is taking a wait-and-see approach to the show to decide if this will be the last season or not. If that's the case, it would make spinning the show into a big screen franchise easier, but that may or may not be a smart move. Waiting too long to turn a TV show into a movie is dangerous, since the devout fans may have moved on by this point and general audiences might not care about the characters as much. (X-Files, anyone?)

If a 9th season for the TV show falls through, there's a possibility that FOX may try to shop the series around to other networks. Will TNT pick up another cast-off like it did with NBC's "Southland?"

What are your thoughts about this? Has the clock run out on Jack Bauer? Would you see a 24 movie? Post your comments below.

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