Yet Another Remake: Mannequin

Gladden Entertainment, the production shingle that brought us such epics as "Gleaming the Cube" and "Weekend at Bernies" is in the early development phase of doing a remake of the 1987 film "Mannequin."

According to Moviehole, Gladden is looking for a writer and shoping the idea around to various studios to see if they're interested. And with the studio's apparent mission to either adapt every comic book, action figure, TV show, or movie that was a hit 30 years ago, its only a matter of time before someone takes the bait and pours money into this steaming floater of an idea.

Here's the trailer for the '87 movie. I'm told you can also find the entire film on YouTube if you are desperate to see what Kim Cattrall looked like in her pre-cougar days:

1 comment:

Geof said...

A Mannequin remake? Well it's official: the Hollywood brain trust has dried up.

I am looking forward to the A-Team remake though.

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