Weekend Box Office Recap

The three newcomers couldnt un-seat the big three movies from last week (and the week before, and the week before that).

Lionsgate's vampire flick "Daybreakers" came in at 4th, bringing in $15 million, the rom-com "Leapyear" debuted in 6th place, making a little over $9 million and despite favorable critical approval (RT= 71%), Michael Cera's "Youth in Revolt" barely scratched the top 10, clearing a measly $7 million.

Avatar's worldwide gross is around $1.3 billion so far and still going strong.

Next week will see the opening of Denzel Washington in "The Book of Eli," The wide release of Peter Jackson's anticipated "The Lovely Bones" and a terrible looking Jackie Chan comedy called "The Spy Next Door" which looks like a rip off of the Vin Deisel family comedy "The Pacifier" which is itself a rip off of the Arnold Schwarzenegger flick "Kindergarten Cop." The hollywood xerox machine is apparently still cranking them out.

Here's the top 10 for this weekend according to studio estimates on Sunday:

1 (1) Avatar $48,500,000
2 (2) Sherlock Holmes $16,610,000
3 (3) Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel $16,300,000
4 (new) Daybreakers $15,000,000
5 (4) It's Complicated $11,007,375
6 (new) Leap Year $9,165,150
7 (5) The Blind Side $7,750,000
8 (6) Up in the Air $7,100,000
9 (new) Youth in Revolt $7,000,000
10 (7) The Princess and the Frog $4,743,000

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