Top 20 Movies of 2009

I was initially going to do the top 10 but I had so many to mention that I decided to do a top 20...and since it is MY list I can change the number.

I think, for the most part, 2009 was not disappointing in films. If it was disappointing I would have just stuck with top 10 list. Speaking of disappointing it’s January 2010 and it’s so looking like a poopoo month for movies or as I like to call it Crapuary. Anyway without any further prattling here’s my Top 20 of 2009:

20. Inglourious Basterds - Brad Pitt is amusing. Not the best ending in the world, but I think the anger and darkness of it flipped history on its head. It is what I sort of liked about the entire film. Oh and the Italian was awesome, but the misspelling of the title on purpose is annoying.

Precious - Dark, true and disappointing in humanity this film shows that even those who are backed into a corner can still fight and can still win.

18. Avatar - Visually stunning world. The story was clich├ęd, but the action and the acting made it all brand new like the sights, which were visually orgasmic.

17. Up in the Air - If 2009 were to be summed up via one movie it would be Up in the Air. The devastating job losses are in the pains of those who are let go in this film. Painfully real (because the extras were part of the fired), well acted and moving Up in the Air is far more than a good film, it‘s historically 2009.

16. The Watchmen - Showed that the ones with the most power are not necessarily the smartest people in the world…even the smartest do not use such to the benefit of many other than themselves. It is the people who have passion of care that actually know “right”…maybe.

15. District 9 - Had layers of social commentary. It was visually astounding via the aliens and their unique way of speaking *click, click*. The complaints people had about the location was just terrible opinions that they shouldn’t have ever shared. District 9 took a simple construct and told an astounding story.

14. Zombieland - Zombies can be funny. Yay Zombies. Of course I knew they could be funny because of Fido but this movie is more popular. The list of rules one has to follow to live with zombies is just smart and duh-ish.

13. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - By far the best of the entire group of Potter Movies. Darker, more deviant, angrier, more vengeful and more purposeful….the Half Blood Prince made a cheerful Wizard’s beginnings mutate into a darker tale and a great set up for the final two that will leave death in their wake.

12. Brothers - Devastating, heartbreaking, painful and draining - this movie is a dark emotional ride. People usually leave those that they “love” when they turn onto hard times. Brothers shows that remakes can be good and sticking it out with the one you love is so possible, so very possible.

11. I Love You, Man - Uncomfortable, squeamish and cringe worthy this movie takes every single moment to make you go NO don’t say it…but as unnerving as it might be it’s every bit as funny as it should be. Totally underrated and totally worth seeing just to feel that weird uncomfortable feeling tickle you funny.

10. Sunshine Cleaning - Not as fantastic as Little Miss Sunshine but the spirit, the dark humor, the character charm is all there and I laughed and I smiled and I felt a pull on my heart.

9. Up - My mother, my grandmother and my cousin are all in agreement that Russell was me when I was little. It showed a child as I remember children. Curious, whiny, complaining, want this, want that, know this, huh, play around and complete wonderment that only young ones show vibrantly. Up did just that, it move one up and down but when it was all said and done and the credits rolled Up brought smiles to many.

8. The Princess and the Frog - 2D animation made a comeback and who better to bring it back than Disney? Being from Texas and a neighbor to Louisiana it felt as if that movie spoke to these two states alone. With an inside joke about being from far away and the accents that not all has ever heard it was a special movie. And of course it’s special to the little girls that now have a princess that they can relate to. The music, the characters and the animation shows the charm that Disney knows how to display so well.

7. Away We Go - A couple getting to know themselves by seeing what they don’t appreciate in others is far more charming a movie than it sounds. With questions on how to raise a kid and whether or not to get married Away We Go walks with humor and heart hand in hand. At the end of the movie there is a conversation on the trampoline and it is magically philosophical.

6. The Proposal - This movie is predictable in everyway, but what it is that most movies tend to miss (even though they snag predictability) is fun. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are a power couple with humor as their noble steed. This story took a simple premise and charmed many audiences and was a great comedy that did not have to be crude.

5. 17 Again - Zac Efron showed that he could do more than sing and dance via Disney. He can act. He can be funny. He can be parental in odd bossy way. 17 Again was a surprise because it had a premise that had been done to death. It took a beaten horse and brought it back to life and it was funny, it was witty and it was a great movie.

4. The Blind Side - Wins the most inspirational movie of the year award. It also should be recognized for how it sustains a steady flow of income every weekend. Based on a true story (with a few Hollywood touches here and there) The Blind Side does in fact blind side people. It’s emotional, inspirational, funny, clever and powerful. Plus Sandra Bullock is a sassy southerner oh and it’s about a football star. That’s important.

3. The Hangover - The trailers killed me. Every time I saw one of the trailers I laughed. It was the perfect set of trailers. Then I saw the movie and I laughed even harder. It was hilarious. I was entertained. I even sang the song…what do tigers dream of….so catchy, so good. Who knew a cheaply created film that Las Vegas didn’t even realize was being filmed would bring so much laughter to 2009?

2. Star Trek - When the teaser trailer played I about lost it. When I saw it was J.J. Abrams I was not worried. When I saw the film in the theater I fell in love with Star Trek all over again. I was thrilled that they catered to everyone. They had throw backs for the fans. They had a great story and action for those that never considered how great Star Trek really is. It had more awesomeness than any movie this entire year and it touched the timeline and no one gives a flying tribble.

1. (500) Days of Summer - It is not a love story. It is a story about a boy falling in love with a girl, but it is not a love story. It is a story about a girl who totally trashes a boy’s heart. (500) Days of Summer goes forwards and backwards meshing together a timeline of feelings and weaving a tale that has never been told quite like this. It is funny, true, sad and hopeful. Funnier is it is so my life with one girl that I thought was a love story as well, but it was just a story about me (a boy) who loved a girl….that wasn’t a love story either.

Honorable Mentions:
Whip It - Oddly Emotional and fun.
Sherlock Holmes - Witty, fun and it had Robert Downey Jr. so it’s awesome by default.
G.I. Joe - a mindless action film that totally delivered on both fronts. Knew how to be a fun movie, unlike Transformers II.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Was cheesy funny
Where the Wild Things Are - Creepy children’s story with odd meaning, great look and awesome music.
The Hurt Locker - BOOM goes the bomb, unless there is someone who loves thrills and tinkers. Great look at a war that will most likely never end.
The Young Victoria - Emotionally royal more than has political depth.

Worst Poster(s) of the Year: Avatar. The film is freakin' visually amazing, so it’s amazing that the posters could be so crappy.
Best Poster(s) of the Year: Star Trek. Ingenious banners that just teased the fans until they just couldn’t take it any more.

And that is my list. Don’t like it? Make your own.

Next I’ll be sharing my top 60 of the decade. YES I said 60. Deal with it.

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