Red Band Trailer for "She's Out of My League"

Never mind the fact that releasing a "red band" trailer is a sure-fire way to get everyone to watch what your selling, because people just love to hear curse words and see T&A in a film trailer.

(And if you're reading this, you probably got interested because I said "Red Band Trailer" right in the title of this post. Tricky aint I?)

Instead, watch this because its actually a kinda funny looking movie, provided they dont go for the low-brow dick and fart jokes through the whole film.

My first impression is its sort of like a 20-something version of the "40 year old virgin."

Jay Baruchel ("Knocked Up," "Fanboys" and any film that requires a classic dork/nerd stereotype) plays Kirk, a nerdy TSA officer who finds the cell phone of a really hot babe, played by Alice Eve (who hasnt been in anytyhing you've probably seen). But much to the surprise of Kirk's family and friends, they hit it off and start dating. However, Kirk's insecurities start to get in the way and threaten to ruin the relationship.

Its a simple premise, but it has a couple of laughs. So if you're OK with not-safe-for-work language, check out the red band trailer below for "She's Out of My League":

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