New A Team Trailer

If you're over 30,
are suckered by big budget adaptations of cheesy 80's television,
and if you have nothing better to do,
Maybe you'll be interested in seeing this trailer for the upcoming A-Team movie:

One of the things that really annoyed me about the TV show was the total lack of reality. I was a precocious 13 year old when NBC premirered the show. Even at that age, I knew this stuff that producer Stephen J. Canell was churning out was cotton candy nonsense.

In the world of the A-Team, all you had to do to stop someone chasing you was shoot the tire of the pursuing car, whereupon the car could hit a rock or something, sumersault into the air, flip ass-over-teakettle 12 times, crash through a building, land on its roof and the bad guys inside would manage to climb out of the vehicle with barely a scratch on them. They may as well have had cartoon coocoo birds circling their heads.

So I guess I should have expected that the producers of the new film, scheduled to open June 11th - would be copying the larger-than-life antics of the TV show almost verbatim. Nothing new, nothing creative, just lots and lots of stupid, logic-defying stunts.

Still, the other movie sites out there seem to be gushing about this new film. Sorry fanboys, but its going to take a lot more than Liam Neeson chewing a cigar and saying "I love it when a plan comes together" to make me believe that this is not going to be anything but another cheap, slapdash attempt to pander to 1980's-era nostalgia.

What are your thoughts?

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