CBS to Bring Back "Hawaii Five-O"

According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS has given the green light to bring the iconic cop show back to the small screen.

"Hawaii Five-O" ran on CBS from 1968 to 1980, airing close to 300 episodes in its run. After discussing it back in 2008, CBS has decided to dust off the series and bring it back, to be co-produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci - who were also co producers with JJ Abrams on last year's "Star Trek." "Criminal Minds" exec Ed Bernero will oversee the production.

Bernero has had an interest in bringing the series back to TV for a while, and was a big fan of the original series, so its hoped that he can do the show justice. CBS says that the new version will be an updated take on the original series that was centered on an elite branch of the Hawaii State Police.

The original series had a big following. But with so many cop shows on TV right now, even with the nostalgia of the franchise, can it make a name for itself in a modern TV line up full of CSI's and NCIS's?

I'm already humming the music in my head.

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