Bad Viral Marketing Strikes Again

Dear viral marketing companies,

You guys must think all computer users are morons who couldn't possibly see through your little ploy to get people to buy your product.

I mean, if this video is the kind of work you think will pass muster, you really need to think about another line of work:

Now at first glance, it may seem like a semi-amusing video. (not that I even chuckled at this) But a closer look reveals a slew of rather big questions about this scene:

  • Why is the camera focusing on the two guys? If this is supposed to be a big Wii tournament, wouldn't the action on the screen make more sense to see?
  • Why is the one guy so concerned with eating chips before he starts? And the cameraman has to give us a hint that eating the chips will get grease on his hands. Nice foreshadowing.
  • Also notice that the entire time, he's holding the remote with his left hand, but eats the greasy chips (both times) with his right. How does the remote slip out of his non-chip-eating hand so easily?
  • Why does the guy who throws the remote step further back and behind his opponent?
  • If he's such a Wii champion, why wouldn't he use the attached lanyard that prevents such stupid things from happening? I mean he warms up and pretends to be bouncing a ball and all that, so why wouldn't he slip his wrist through the damn lanyard?
  • If chips are the thing to eat, why are there two separate types of chips on the table? And why is the generic greasy chips in a bowl and the Pringles in their can? Wouldn't it make more sense to put the Pringles in a bowl to make it more convenient to reach for one, instead of having to scrape your knuckles on the inside of a Pringles can?
  • Why does the girl who is eating the Pringles at the start of the video end up putting the can as far away from where she's sitting as possible? Wouldn't a normal person put the can on the table NEAR them? Or even just hold onto the can while watching the event?
  • Why are these guys dressed like total douche nozzles? What's the gym bag for?
  • The game is already turned on, loaded and ready to play without any other button clicks or set up needed?
  • Do they make glass coffee tables that have legs with no other form of attachment to them? Just the glass sitting on the legs and nothing else? Doesn't seem very structurally sound to me.
  • Do Wii remotes normally shatter like a lightbulb when they hit something?
  • Why does the guy look like he is aiming for his friend's head? If he's behind and to the right of his buddy, this guy must have really bad aim.
  • If the guy gets hit in the head with a Wii remote, why does he fall straight forward into the glass table? I've been hit with a rock (much heavier than a silly plastic remote) at point blank range from someone that had terrible aim and I didn't get knocked out and fall straight forward. I grabbed my head, turned around and beat the crap out of the guy that threw the rock.
Seriously fellas, if you want consumers to believe that your videos aren't carefully thought up by a team of executives trying to bilk Pringles out of a few thousand bucks, you really need to give it a LOT more thought before you attempt something so contrived as this.

Judge's Verdict: LAME

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