AC/DC's New Iron Man 2 Video

Here's how to take a 30 year old song and make it semi-new again.

This is a "new" video for AC/DC's hit "Shoot to Thrill" combined with various clips from the upcoming "Iron Man 2" movie.

AC/DC is actually providing the entire soundtrack for the film, which is very cool to hear, but I cant get that excited about this video. Its shots from the band on tour from two years ago, laid over the original song from the album, and mixed with a bunch of shots of Iron Man 2 that we've all seen from the trailer.

Honestly, a YouTube brat could probably do a better job than this. But hey, it gets the song back out there, hypes the movie and gives new life to the band, so its not all bad.

Of course, the song was also used in "School of Rock" "Talladega Nights" "xXx: State of the Union" and was a theme song for one of the many "Wrestlemania" events that have taken place.

Still, its a pretty rocking tune.

Check it out below.

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