A Youtube Video to Sum Up the Movies of 2009

For such hard work keesvdijkhuizen deserves more views. A great 7 minute summery of 2009 movie season. Sit back and enjoy and remember what you saw.

I watched it and totally forgot that Watchmen came out this year. I now cannot state that this year went by quickly since I think it's been such a long time since February. I also admit that I got trailer chills (chills that one gets when they are excited about a trailer, of course) when I watched this.

Funny thing is that the way this video is done it makes one excited for the year that has past in movies. I think for the most part one should be excited for the past year in film. There was a lot of films to be excited about.

The scene that the YouTube video ends on is one of the best looking scenes from one of the best movies of this year. He also picked great clips to show, which I especially love because he used Sandra Bullock's scene in The Proposal.


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